Monday, February 3, 2014

A New Home!

Dear Family and Friends,
So a lot happened this week. I will try to put it all in…. and as much detail I can with the time I have.
So first of all, read Hebrews 6.10. I read this and liked it. My district leader told me to read it.

So…one night we went to visit family Fuentes. Hermana Karla said, `elder climer goes home this change right? And elder Trujillo goes home with him.. `  apparently I said no quickly and loudly and they all looked at me. Hermana karla said, `how do you know elder Trujillo doesn’t go home this change?` I said it was because I was in the same area with him for like 5 months. She goes, `is that all?` haha. They said my face was red and everything haha.

One night with my comp we had a small party after planning. We bought soda, chips, candy, bread, etc. haha. So much fun. I love the small stores in peoples houses. Haha.

Thursday we woke up at 4.30 and we had NO water…my comp had used our last water to wash a skirt. So we didn`t shower. I did straighten my hair though. At the reunion (she means conference) Hermana and president Russell spoke first. Then Elder Carlos H. Amado, president of the area spoke. Freak  - this guy pulled out the pistol on all of us. Dude. He attacked us and said we shouldn`t say ‘como’ which is like saying um in English. Then elder valasquez my old zone leader raised his hand to comment on something. Elder amado stopped him and said, `where are you from?` elder valasquez said guatemela. Then elder amado said, you talk like a gringo. You guys need to speak loud, and pronounce every word. You need to speak good Spanish! Freak  - he pulled out the pistol or as we say he pulled out the machete on us a ton! He did say things I liked. He said that when our minds are focused on the mission,  Christ is with us. Oh one of the missionaries quoted president Russell which I liked, `if we are more or less obedient we will receive blessings. But as missionaries we want miracles, so we have to obey with exactness.`
Elder Amado also said that we cannot teach by the spirit what we have not learned by the spirit.
He asked us why Christ was baptized. He said we couldn’t say “to give us an example.” He said there are 2 reasons to get baptized. 1 is to be clean from sin and 2 to enter in the kingdom of God. John 3.5. He said that Christ didn’t have sin, so he was baptized so that he could enter into Gods kingdom. I love it! I use that now. Haha.
He also asked why the investigators have to go to church before baptism. He said it is so they can see how it will be in the kingdom of God. I love it! I use that too. Haha.
Then he talked about marriage. He said one day we will be held accountable to God for all the children we had, the children we didn’t want, and if we waited to have kids, etc. That we shouldn’t say we are going to wait to finish school to have kids. He said that it is okay to think a missionary is good looking. It is bad if you act on that thought. We got a group photo with elder amado, a printed photo. So I couldn’t email it to you guys. But we got to shake his hand too. It wasn’t the whole mission just 4 zones. Half the mission.

One day we were with D___ and we were about to sing when she asks us if we can leave because her mom is almost here and is super drunk and didn’t want her mom to offend us. So quickly ran out and ran past her mom. Ya…we are that fast. Haha.
So we talked to a members brother who is a doctor who talked to my comp. My comp had a bad accident about 2 years ago. She was in a coma, and had to have put a metal piece in her foot, leg and shoulder. She hit her head bad too where blood was coming out of her ear. She forgot some of her family, and over time her memory came back. Anyway, she is supposed to get exams every 6 months. But hasn`t. she has had bad headaches everyday since here in this area. The doctor said it might be from the accident…

So one day we went to teach T__…freak she knows so much. We went to talk about joseph smith again. We had only taught the basics before. She goes, oh ya joseph smith and starts talking about how he was persecuted, and killed and all this stuff. She is awesome haha. After the closing prayer she was crying again…she almost always cries after the closing prayer. She thanked us for coming. She is so sweet.
One day we were looking for a contact and found someone we had contacted before. My comp started to leave and I ended up asking the girl if we could share something with her. We did. I am trying to use our time more wisely. Someone once said, if we get somewhere and the person isn’t there, look for the person we are supposed to talk to. There is a reason why we are there.
Also we went to visit J___ and she was cleaning the floors. My comp asked when we could come back to teach and I blurted out, or right now. And Jessica said, ya right now is fine. Haha. ;) using my time wisely. LOL. She told us she told her mom she was getting baptized the 15th. That she is excited and ready. I love it!

We went to teach M__…to put a date. But she felt like she wasn’t ready yet. She said there are things she needs to repent of …things from her past. When I asked her if she could give the closing prayer…Idk..i just felt this immense love for her that I almost cried. It was a sweet moment. I imagine that is how the Lord feels for us.

On Saturday at 6.40 in the morning our land lady was knocking at our door. To see when we were going to go. Apparently someone bought our house and was going to move in at 9! In 2 hours! So we quickly call our Zone Leader and everyone. Then the lady tells us that she has a meeting at 3 and will leave at 2.30 so we need to leave before 2.30 or if not we have to pay 100 cordobas each night. FREAK! The Zone Leader`s said if we stay we have to pay ourselves. So we called the lady of our new house and asked if we could move in with only the monthly payment and not the deposit. She  said yes but at 4. We figured okay whatever that’s fine. The lady came by again at like 11 and said if we aren`t out at 2:30 she would pay for a guy to take our stuff out. That if we were still here at 2:30 we would have to pay for the day…she was super mean. So we called our new house again and asked if we could move in at about 2 and she said yes. We found a guy with a truck to take our things. It cost 200 cordobas. Freak. But our new house is a house!!! It has the front room, then 3 rooms then the back room. A bathroom, and a patio with a pila to wash clothes. J and the water isn’t hot but its not cold either! I love it! And we live in the same area as familia Fuentes and stuff. So I love that!
I also saw someone kill a gallo (chicken) and I got to keep a feather. Hehee.

Also for our zone activity we voted on who would be a millionare, who would get married first etc…I got voted that I would have 12 kids. Freak. People think I am going to have a lot of kids. Haha.
Anyway, a great week. I am happy and am enjoying my mission.

Love you all!!!
Hermana Chase

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