Monday, February 10, 2014

another new companion

Our ZL called and my companion has changes!!! she was only here for one change and she has changes! she has 6 months and will be going to her 4th area. Crazy. She was super sad. 

So Wednesday we woke up at 5:30 and got to the stake center at 6:50. I wanted to go to changes but once again they made me stay! I ended up staying with hermana herrera, hermana avila, and hermana vasquez. I found out that my old companion hermana santos has changes and will be leaving the concepcion, and elder garcia as well.  So elder trujillo will die there in the concepcion. My DL`s comp is now with elder trujillo in la concepcion. And my DL is training Elder Morales from honduras. 

My new comp is....HERMANA POROJ from guatemala. She was in the other zone. And hermana vargas is with hermana poroj`s comp. We just switched companions haha. Hermana Poroj is from Guatemala, and is 21 years old. She has almost 13 months in the field...she goes home one change before me. That being said we are BOTH the companion mayor.  (Senior) This is the first time hermana poroj is out of training. She didn`t finish her own training because she started to train someone and from then on she has been training. Has 4 this is a bit of an adjustment for her too. haha. She is super sweet. More relaxed then my other comp thank goodness. haha. Hermana vargas will have some struggles because her new comp speaks some old language from guatemala. She had to learn spanish here. She didn`t know how to read or write. So for example, hermana vargas will have to write her weekly letter to her parents for her. Things like that. but it goes to show the gift of tongues is real. 

 I got a really sweet letter from my convert Maria in my old area...along with a pair of earrings! She is so sweet! I can never forget these people. Ever. 

So this week we went to visit Damaris who had a fecha  (date) for the 15th of this month. We got permission from her mom but now damaris wants to wait until the 15th of march.... hermana vargas told me that damaris called her and said she had some things she wanted to talk to her about...i know when hermana vargas was told she had changes, damaris cried and said she wouldn`t get baptized. I just  am sad that if there something wrong, that she won`t tell us but only hermana vargas. we have her entrevista  (interview) today but we want to go early to talk to her. we are hoping we can figure out her problem to change her date. She told us that she doesn`t know if it is true...even though when hermana vargas was here she said it was tonight we will see if she will open up to us. 

So we are contacting a bunch more. We found some new areas that i didn`t even know were we are wanting to contact those a bit each day. One funny story. It was maybe like 8 at night and we needed contacts. We decided to walk around the block one more time. We were walking by a gas station and there were 4 workers out there. we walked past and I kinda said casually, lets contact them. but we had walked past so that would be a bit weird. We kept walking but I said, aye what if they are ready... So we stopped and stared at them for a min. We think they saw us staring haha. So I said we can ask for a direction that we know. We started to walk and ran into first another worker. We asked him first but he didnt know and told us to ask the other we said, well the lord must want us to talk to these people. We went over and asked them the direction..and I was trying not to laugh because they were so helpful and even drew it on his hand and everything. Nothing big happened. A normal contact, where we left the phamplets, but we did our part. haha. 

Sunday...Well...the less active was there again...L__. He goes, `hermana...i have a gift for you.`  we walk over and usually its been succors for us two, or juice or crackers. Well he pulls out a bag and tells me it`s a shirt for when I go back to my country, crackers, and a keychain...funny story is the keychain is from a bar. haha. it is a fish with the name of the bar and the other side says feliz navidad. haha. He then goes, I also have a letter but I am embarrassed to give it to you. I hope you read it. I thanked him and felt weird because he had nothing for my comp. I opened my letter and was like oh freak. This member is a muso (slang word but I don’t know what it means) is kinda what the letter said...

hello, how are you? with all sincerity, i want to tell you something special. When I met you it was as if I saw an angel that came down from heaven. i`m serious. that was what i saw with my eyes. y i had the great pleasure to know you and i will never forget it. even though you will go to your country. Never would i forget your....(something ic couldnt read...)i only wanted to say that. until very soon. goodbye, return one day to nicaragua. And he left his name and address....

Elder Thompson, my DL told me to be careful. That a guy they are teaching STILL asks for hermana butler. I told him I know, and the thing that is weird is that we don`t even visit this guy. We taught his daughter...and sometimes we find him in the street. But from there we don`t talk. Anyway, the shirts he gave me were ... a wife beater shirt, and a tie dye shirt. I think we will use those to clean or something. 

Sunday night we went to visit a family whose mom is going to have an operation on monday and she has a 50 50 chance of living. So we went and did a mini lesson with them with the elders. The weird thing with this family that I just found out from my comp.-... the husband isn`t married to this lady. So the thing is this...he was married to a lady had kids, was going to church. Met this lady who is now in the hospital, left his family and had kids with this lady. Then went back to his wife had a kid, and now he is with his wife during the day and with the lady who is sick and her family at night and sleeps there.... so he was ex-communicated and for that reason he doesn`t go to church. I don`t know why he just doesn`t get a divorce, and his wife and companion are okay with it. i guess some of the kids from his wife don`t talk to him...but others yes. so its a bit weird because my comp used to eat with his other family in her old now she knows both families of his...ya. 

We also went to visit family f__ who have problems. they were arguing but told us to enter. I said we could come back but they wanted us to listen. we sat for about 5 minutes but there was nothing we could we told them to talk and pray and call the bishop. when we walked by later they werent talking...he was watching tv and stuff. i found out more stuff about this family and my heart was just hurting at what they were going through. I hate seeing families suffer. 

That night I called our ZL about a convert and he told us that president had talked to them and said we need to put more fechas. (dates) that the AP said our numbers were unacceptable...that we have 2 weeks to put fechas  (dates)because at the end of this month president will know our numbers and those are not better he will interview. i think president thinks missionaries are not following his plan at being attentive, pure, and obedient. anyway, he said that now i have a super pilas (i think slang for charged up) comp and that if we need anything they are there to helps us. he said it really lovingly and i know he wants to help us, but i will admit i cried when he was saying all of that. he told me not to worry, to just work hard these two weeks. I just felt like when he said apparently i have a pilas comp who has trained a lot we should be able to do it. i just felt like well maybe its me...i felt like i havent had too much success in my mission .... but now that it is monday and a new day i am thinking and i know we can do it. it will be so hard, but it is possible. 

I am realizing that while I am changing peoples lives, the mission is changing mine.  It is a great experience. I would never change it for anything. Even though there are some days super hard, those days where you work super hard and feel good and go to bed super tired...those are the days that matter. Those are the moments that I realize how great it is. Even though it is so hard, it is so worth it. I love you all! ANd I think this week is valentine`s day so happy valentine`s day! My heart goes out to all of you! I love you and thank you for your support! 

Hna Chase

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