Monday, February 17, 2014

Working hard

Hola hola hola!

So this week... I kinda feel like writing a short letter. I think this letter will be a little less detailed and more filled with my feelings. I know some of you will be bummed but, this is my letter for this week. 

So our mission president this last change did a lot of changes! And in the beginning it did some damage in the entire mission...numbers wise.. We think he did so many changes and is focusing on bapstism and numbers because Elder Amado called us lazy. Anyway, with this new change our invesitgator _____ started to drift away from us...actually she ran. So we ended up dropping her. She tells us one thing, but tells my old companion another...and her mom doesn`t want to sign the paper. So we just are giving her more space. We haven`t put another apt with her because everytime I talk to her she acts like she is going to bite my head off. The first visit with her with my new comp I left crying because it just hurt so much that she acts this way now. That she is willing to lose her exaltation because my old comp left. And that she treats me in this way. 

It is interesting how here in the mission one changes a lot. My heart hurts a lot here and also feels a lot of joy. But not because of me. But because of the people around me. 

We did find one family who is positive. The guy has studied a ton of religions. He is very smart. He has read part of the book of mormon. He had question after question. We talked for 1 1/2 hours! Anyways, he asked us if we thought we could become like christ. He believes that we are here to become like him. That it is possible. He told us that we were the first people to return to his house and answer all his questions. So our next visit we are planning to go with bishop. They are going to go to church sunday. They have been to all the others so we said to be fair they have to go to ours. haha.

So we worked with our Zl`s this week. They told us to be more BOLD. So this past week I did such that. They told us to try to enter in the houses to teach when we contact. So...I have been trying to do that. This week I put 3 fechas with people on the first visit. When we contact people and they say they dont have time, I Tell them that it is important to put God first and if we do we will be blessed.... MY dl told me that if i pray to be more bold, the lord will give me experiences to be more bold. So...that is my goal right now. 

We had one funny experience where we almost got burned..we almost died...well a bit exagerated...but its true. We were teaching a less active and recent convert. Josseline, the convert was playing with an outlet. We were teaching. When BOOM...sparks and she went to the ground to protect herself. We all look over and laugh and everything is fine. When BOOM...smoke fire, and then the lights go out and the hermana yells, `run!` we go running out of the house with her little girl who is crying and I grab her hand. It was pretty funny afterwards...haha. We ended up changing our apt. haha

We have one investigator who lives with members...her family are members. The missionaries have taught her before...well me trying to be bold I ask her if the missionaries had ever invited her to baptism. She said yes. I said, well we are inviting you to do the same. She was hesitant and so I asked her if she knew why we invited people to baptism. Why the missionaries before invited her, and we we are. She said no. So I explained, and then she said yes. It was a good experience. 

So I put a goal with my ZL that 3 times a week I will call him to tell him about my day. MY goal is to use the talk he gave me in my lessons and contacts and then I have to tell him about my experiences...its to help me be bold. So we will see how that works. 

This sunday we had 0 at church. It was a bit heart breaking. There are moments where one feels like when they don`t have success it is because of one self...pero...we are pusing forward. My comp and I work good together. We have fun. But we work. 

This week we are putting a goal to run every morning. We will see if that happens..haha. I want to look good for when I come home. haha! ;) 

Anyway, My comp and I were talking this week that maybe pres will change us both out because sometimes when a companionship in an area doesn`t have success they take out them both to start over. So we will see. changes arent for another 3 weeks...also we are trying to have better numbers because if our numbers dont improve by the end of this month we will be interviewed. 

We have funny moments too...don`t worry. Like a guy dressed up as a girl singing, `what does she have that I don`t have...`   or us tripping, or getting lost. We almost got attacked by two dogs the other night. I just about screamed. I thought I Was dead. haha. We never will down that street again. haha. 

Anyway, I am so grateful for this opporutnity. It is a sweet experience. I have learned so much, and continue to learn each day. I love the people here, and the culture. And I am realizing how much this is like my home now. I am working hard, I am being obedient, and I am having fun. 

Thank you for all your prayers, for your love and support. I really appreciate it. I love you all! 

Hna chase

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