Monday, March 31, 2014

I love this work!

(words in parenthesis are from mom)

HOLA! so this week... 

First I want to tell you about a recent convert here. He has 1 month as a member. He was driving his moto (motorcycle) when his friend who was drunk shot him. He got up and since he was still alive he shot him again. Well it went through his neck or something crazy like that. So this time he stayed down. It is a miracle that he is alive. He is having therapy because he couldn’t move his right arm. Now he can lift it halfway. He always goes to church, he has the priesthood so he can pass the sacrament, he reads the scriptures and everything. I love it! 

One night we almost got attacked by dogs. There is this one street with dogs at night. And this one night they all were out. like the song...who let the dogs out..who..who...who ..haha. anyway...we had our books ready, and water ready to attack them. luckily we made it through without any bites.

So in this area there are a ton of young people...its bad. it makes me ¨trunky¨which is to say...thinking of my life at home. haha. 

I Read this quote that i liked...¨the members of the church of Jesus Christ 
should be willing to sacrifice everything for the lord. josè ( Joseph) smith taught, `a religion that does not require sacrifice of everything, never had sufficient power to produce the faith necessary to bring us to  life and salvation.¨ 

So we went to a new area we have never been to contact. My companion asked this one joven , (young person..teenager)  ´do you have a girlfriend?` he says, nope. single and with no commitment. hahaha!!! Anyway...we went to this area with members the second time. Visited a less active named Sergio Augusto. He is 19. It was cool because he said earlier that day he was thinking that he needed to search God again. And for some reason he was going to leave the house but then decided to stay home and then we showed up with the members. Pretty sweet. Then he came with us to visit an investigator. Then he invited us to his house for soda and bread. We ended up watching he video Only a stonecutter with his family.

So I realized I have 5 months left...5 months to find and baptize a family. This was my goal that I am going to complete. haha.

Another quote...from carlos h amado...¨what does our authority serve us if we only talk with love¨ 

so i got a package this week with candy from mexico and earrings from guadelupe. I was super happy! 

So we have this thing called ¨show¨. When we put a fecha (baptismal date) or when someone completes a commitment..we do the show. meaning we smile, we congratulate them real big and stuff. It`s great. haha 

So this week we had the help of members and jovenes(teenagers) It was great. 

One funny story...we were teaching a less active and there were some roosters up in the tree above us...well we were reading in the book of mormon and a rooster pooped on my head. haha. i just kept reading but wrote a note to my companion explaining what happened and we were kinda laughing. luckily it pooped like a I just had to find the ball and scoop it out of my head. nobody even knew. haha. later one pooped on the joven and she was like everyone knew and of course my companion and i were laughing harder because we knew she wasn’t the only one. haha. 

So we found a person to teach jonathon...16. he accepted a fecha and thanked us for coming and teaching him.

We found luis...16 who we taught. The whole time his sister who was hiding from us was yelling things like, do you want some coffee...

we taught another joven...23 who has potential i think. he is kinda like...a gangsta but not quite. he paints really good and is thinking of selling artwork. he said he is interested in learning more. 

So at church we had 2 investigators...they have 3 times now. We are for sure they will feel ready when they go to conference this week. 

So I learned that God answers prayers. I had been praying that we would find at least one family to teach. Well the other day we found 2 families.. super positive. one we contacted their house...we clicked really fast and everything...members...less active. Then we were walking home and a guy says, adios hermanas. I ask who is that? So we go back and talk and he says he is a member. He introduces us to his wife. And then he says they are willing to help us. A lady was walking down the street who they knew and they go, hey silvia...come here..we want to introduce you to the missionaries. haha. I told my comp that God answered my prayer...I said families to teach...I said I need to be more exact. We always tell our investigators to be now I pray to find a family to baptize. haha. 

I love this work. I love Nicaragua. I have talked to a missionary who has only like 1 week home and he says it is different. Not to have the same spirit with you always. He told me to enjoy every minute. so...I am going to enjoy every minute!!! 

I love you all!!!
hermana chase

ps...please help the missionaries in your ward. Give them a reference or leave with them to visit. They need you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

transfers...and you'll never guess where to

Notes in parentheses are from mom :)   
HELLO everyone,
So this week...has it really only been 1 week? feels much longer than
one week. haha.

So we had changes  (transfers) this week...and I had changes...yep. Me. My companion is training again for the 5th time. I only had 4 months in masaya so I
was a bit shocked I had changes. I visited my convert t___ and she
cried. But I left a notebook for everyone to write their info and
stuff. I visited my other convert E___...oh he looked so sad. I
was so heartbroken to leave him. I will miss him and his family a lot.
We visited family f____ and hermano w___ was so shocked. We ended up
making arroz con chocolate  (rice with chocolate) which i love! And when I said goodbye, I gave them some counsel. They have had a lot of problems. But their
goal is the temple. It looked like Hermano w___ was going to cry. Then
N____ and her family came and brought us dinner that night at 9:30.

I felt excited to leave but sad to leave the people.

So I went to bed at 2 and got up at 5. I don`t know why and how I have
so much stuff. Seriously. We met at the church at 6:30 and n____
showed up carring a...I don`t know how to spell it...hammock? A
jamaca...freak! she goes, my mom wanted you to have it. SO sweet! My
only am I going to mail this home? haha.

So I was glad to be at changes because Elder Trujillo is going home. i
got to hear his testimony. We talked for a bit....then
my old companion is training a gringa.  My new comp is hermana aquian from el
salvador. She is 30 years old, and has 5 months in the mission. But
super nice. area...SAN MARCOS. I am back in the SAME district
that I started in. yep. haha. I looked at elder trujillo and we
started laughing. I am only going to have 2 zones here in the mission.
haha. I was a bit bummed, but on the bus ride when we passed la concha
I felt so happy. I will be able to see my converts on pday. I am in a
different ward, but its like 5 min away from my area.

So my first day in san marcos we had a family home evening type thing at the church. They had me give my testimony. It`s great because the missionary here
before was hermana featherstone, who came with me....and a lot of people
have said that my spanish is better. So that makes me feel good.

So the water to shower is ICE COLD. I shower at night because I can`t
do it in the morning. haha.

So we have a ton of young people we are teaching...and guys too. But
positive. 19 and doesn’t want to go to church still. We think
he is afraid to go because of the things people say in the street
about mormons.

I also met a joven (young person - teenager) who my old district leader here taught. He just completed 1 year as a member. So that was cool to talk to him.

My first day here in my area I used contacts! The first time in like 8
months. But now I am back to glasses. haha. The good thing is that it
is a bit colder here. still super hot...but not as bad as masaya.

So one day we ate at the bishop`s they cook outside.
It was super good!

I also gave Hermana cap, who is serving in la concha, my old area...some
letters to give to people ;)

So one day during studies, my old convert from la concha called me.
v____. she goes, hey hermana chase...i want to be baptized. I thought it
was her...but i wasnt sure. I go, who is this? She goes v____. And I
started to cry. yep. I realized being back here in my old zone that
freak it will be super hard to leave these people. seriously.

One day we were contacting in the park and when we shook this guys
hand to leave my comp walked away and I went to shake his hand and
then he tried to hug me...aye...he was like drunk or something.

 Also, there is a guy in this ward that
reminds me of uncle chris only...more crazy. haha. I laugh just to
look at him.

So the elders here had  2 baptisms...we brought two jovenes. one has
a baptismal date for next week. He is super pilas! (slang for charged up) his name is j_____. He is 16 and has 3 times in church. He went to the baptism, and quit smoking. Well later that day he sent us a message that said that he was sorry but his parents dont want us coming anymore, that he cant
come to church, that he talked to them about the baptism but they dont
like it...we were heart broken. i  have only been here for like 5 days
but i have seen that he is ready. we went to visit him but he wasnt
home. we talked to his mom who told us something different. apparently
his mom is a bit crazy. anyway...we have his dads signature to
baptize we just have to find j___to talk to him and see if there is
a way we can baptize him still. his mom said that jose didnt like the
fact that a new member of 6 months did the baptism...but i am sure its
the mom that doesnt like it.

We also visited a convert who is super pilas. I have seen him and he
has given the missionaries a ton of references and works with the
elders every friday. anyway, he was asking us a bunch of
questions..he had printed off 20 questions to ask a mormon that they
can`t answer...ya he is reading that trash. he said he isnt doubting
christ, just the church. freak we talked to him hard and left the
talk, come join with us, by uchtdorf that says doubt your doubts
before you doubt your faith.

We also had a fun lesson teaching like 6 guys at the same time the law
of chastity. It was fun. haha.  Ay....I have no time left....Okay...

I love you all...we have some good investigators here. Love you!!!

Hermana Chase

Monday, March 17, 2014

funerals and investigators

 (notes in parenthesis are by mom)

HOLA! First of all, sorry I haven`t had many pics lately. haha. I promise I am still alive. Well, here I go with my week. :) 

So we started teaching a man who was ex-communicated about who knows...30 years ago. He is the grandpa of my convert. Well one day after we sang, he goes, `are you taking anything for your cough? Cuz you cannot sing like that...`  haha.  (Kaitlin has been sick for about a month, with aches, and fevers on and off, etc. )

So this week I got a blessing from My District leader and his companion for health. I had a fever for a few days. I had a cough, a cold, achy, and not much of an appetite. In the blessing it said, `if I do the will of God, If I do the work, I will get better.`  So I continue to work. :) 

We have an investigator Juana who in one lesson told us she has a cousin who is a member. And she always sees them happy and like they don`t have problems, even though she knows they do. She asked herself why they have this peace. In that lesson we left a book of mormon. And invited her to read. She is such a great investigator! 

One day we were walking in the street and my companion starts talking to a lady. Like she knew her...but I could not remember who she was. My backpack felt weird so I went to take it off and fell to the floor. The straps broke. I kicked it to the side, and said to the lady, `oh...entonces no leyò?...or in other words...`oh you didn`t read?`  After she left...we started laughing. It was an investigator that we dropped because we could never find her. For the rest of the night I ended up tying the straps together. haha. so now in awkward moments we always say, `no leyò?...haha

So we had another lesson with the grandpa of our convert. This time he gave me raisins that supposedly help with a cough. He really doesn`t like the fact that I have a cough. I think he wants to kill me if I don`t get healed. haha. 

So one night we were with my convert Ezequiel. He was explaining that here they  have a word that is like slang or idk...for robber. He said it`s `araña`  or spider. So on news reports it will say that the police were chasing a spider...or a spider just robbed a girl...haha. well like 5 minutes after he said that a guy on a moto  (motorcycle) drove passed and then police chasing him. We go...`look the police are chasing a spider!`  haha. 

So we had another lesson with Juana. We taught the restoration about joseph smith. She believes that if we had prophets before, we will have prophets now. She said it makes sense because we have the same structure that Christ had when he had his church. She had questions about where the pastors and people got their authority. She said she felt something different and that we were sincere with her. That she felt satisfied. :)

So the grandma of my convert passed away. What they do here is they have her body in the house...well in a coffin and then everyone comes to the house just to be there. You can look at her, and you just visit. Then the next day was the funeral. What they do is everyone meets at the house. They walk together from the house to the the street. They carried the coffin in a carriage. At the funeral only bishop and his counselor talked. And ya. Then everyone walked together to the cemetery. One funny thing...when bishop welcomed everybody he called it a baptism service...TWICE. haha. Hermana Aurelia was such a good person. She always gave us drinks when we went there. 

We found a lady named Milagro..or miracle who left the church for something that a return missionary did. So she gave up her exaltation for what someone else is so sad. 

We also found an old couple, Lilian and Ricardo. They have someone who comes to take care of Ricardo during the day. We visited with them for a bit. Ricardo has a stern face, but he was cracking jokes. He is so cute. They have been married almost 60 years. I had to have my companion say the prayer because everytime Ricardo laughed and smiled I thought of my grandparents and I almost cried. I guess you could say I love my family. :) 

I have one year here but am still learning to be NICA. For the first time I watered the dirt. The people here always water the dirt outside. To keep cool or I helped a family do that the other day. Yep..I am NICA. haha.

So we tried going to the health center to get a free checkup but they were closed...only accepting the lady just gave me medicine...ya its a bit easier to get medicine here. haha. Although another member thinks I have an infection. 

So we ended lunch with our member....we just didn`t want to eat there anymore.  So now we are going to cook for ourselves... 

So we had stake conference. They have this great new program! Mondays are FHE. Tuesday-Thursday is helping your family to live standards. Saturday is a talent show in the church. and Sundays they are going to have a broadcast from the first presidency. COOL huh?! They are really focusing on being strong in the church. Are they doing that there in California? The other broadcast was from dallin h. oaks, and other apostles. It was good. We didn`t have investigators, but I did learn a lot. 

The night of the funeral, our convert Ezequiel was outside. We had told him in the day casually that we would pass by. Well it was like 8:30pm and he was there. Everyone else in his house was sleeping. We asked why he was up and he said he was waiting for us. And he wasn`t tired. I knew he was, but my heart was touched that he waited for us. His grandpa said he waited for us one night but we never came. So now we know if we say we might pass by we have to pass by. Luckily we live on the same street. 

So another lesson with Juana. We taught part of lesson 2. She asked us, if we were in God`s presence before, why are we here? Such a good question!!! It made us think. I know in the past I always said to get a body. But why? Think about it...why would we come here if we were comfortable, pain free with God? Well our purpose is to become like God. We can learn in heaven but we won`t be able to become like God unless we came to earth to get a body, learn, struggle, progress...etc. We had to leave his presence to reach our divine potential and to become like him. I tell you...she is prepared. We just have to work on bringing her to church.

I love this work! I love the mission! I love the experiences! 

Hermana Chase

P.s....tomorrow we find out if I have changes.. (transfers) .I don`t think so. 

Look unto me, and ENDURE to the end, and ye shall live; for unto him that endureth to the end will I give eternal life. -3 nephi 15:9

`For many of us, the word ENDURE conjures up feelings of pain or fatigue, accompanied by images of weary saints doggedly staying the course amidst hardship. A friend said to me, `Most of those `endure to the end` talks depress the dickens out of me.` But endurance is not so much about pain as it is about resolution. 

Stephen E. Robinson has written: `the critical question is not one of getting into the kingdom but of staying in the kingdom-- of enduring to the end. For we must choose on an ongoing basis to remain, and that choice must be reflected in what we love and in what we seek. That is why enduring to the end is the fifth principle of the gospel. Daily, our question shouldn`t be `Have I made it to the kingdom yet?` but rather, `Do I still want to stay?`  

-John Bytheway

Monday, March 10, 2014

One Year Mark

words in ( ) are from mom

Dear Family and Friends,
So I want to apologize for not writing last week. My computer froze but I had basically used all my time, so I guess this was God`s way of telling me to get off. haha. 

So...I am going to start off with a quote that my zone leader gave me...

´We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today...but our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever...for he sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming.`

Ahora... (now) this week we had a meeting with the president. 4 zones together. to be taught. Just sisters. Freak. He taught us how to put fechas. (baptismal dates) How to have someone read a passage from the Book of Mormon, how to be more bold. This is his focus. BE BOLD! BE DIRECT. He had a few hermanas do practices and he said...did you see that? they just danced the mambo....meaning they weren`t direct. haha. If they don`t read, or something they have to feel bad. We also did practices with real members. And they had to tell us after how they felt. Then we did it again to see if we improved. 

The same day Hermana Vargas, my old companion gave me a gift for completing 1 YEAR! She gave me my favorite things from nicaragua. Chips, juice, cookies, bread, and a stuffed animal and a card. I loved it! 

President saw this quote on a bus that I loved....well it was in spanish but in english its... 

`if you are afraid to are never going to get better` 

The same day...we were more animated. We had been joking beforehand that he was going to kill us. But we left the meeting alive and in one piece. That day was different. We did more jokes with our contacts, with our investigadores.. (investigators) .the people were was great. haha. We taught a family to complete. The wife is less active and the husband no. So we taught them for the first time. She is about to have a this month. their this helps. haha. he was laughing at all my jokes...i felt so good. Because sometimes the people don`t understand my jokes in spanish. haha.

So I hit my one year mark this week...6 months left! to celebrate we ate at a chow mein restaurant. haha. better than rice and beans. lol. I can`t believe it has been 1 year! what the freak! how fast time flies. really.... I don`t feel like it has even been 1 week. But I am realizing how much the Lord is changing me and molding me into the woman i am supposed to be. for my future family, for my future job...etc. I am grateful for every minute I have here. I have learned a lot, changed a lot, and have grown a lot. 

So we had divisions in our zone. I Went with hermana suret from guatemala...she is still in training. It was good. The good experiences I had with her...We went to have a mini lesson with a member. She asked if I could share a scripture. I said yes. I shared alma 26:12 the scripture on my plaque. Afterwards, the hermana ran and grabbed her own scriptures and thanked  me. She said how did you know? I am going to share this with my daughter. We have been having problems....After my comp told me a few of their goes to show that the lord is always helping us even when we don`t know it. 

I also got a ton of letters from my home ward. from members. thank you! I don`t know why the mail is funky here. And sorry if I don`t write you back. but know that i appreciate every letter i receive. 

So we saw another miracle. We had contacted a family and put an appointment but never found the house. Until one day we were looking for another family. We knocked on a door and guess who answered it...the first family we had contacted that we had looked for about 3 weeks ago. Turns out the other family we contacted were their parents and thanks to the parents with the address they gave us we found the house. I think the Lord wants this family to be baptized. they are super young. 18 years old with a baby girl. But they accepted a baptismal date. It was a miracle. When he went to get his wife my companion and i had our mouths open and we were you it? haha. the Lord helps us every day. 

So one day we went to visit our angel s_____. she was weird. we were letting her know that a member would pass by for her to take her to church the next day. she gets loud and goes...look i am going to be frank with you...if i am going to go to church i am going to walk alone. i have done that my whole life and that is how it will be. wow..well being more bold i explained that the past sunday we walked with her..blah blah. anyway...super weird.

Sunday we called her to see if she would come to church. she said she was in granada and wouldn`t be able to come...okay...but during the sacrament i looked over and outside peeking in through the window was s_____...huh!?! she came in and sat down with us. She also brought her grandchild. super weird...Idk what is going on with her but we were glad she came. 

so I have been a bit sick these days. i guess its the one year kicking in. my body now knows that i have a year here so my body is slowing dying. haha. anyway, thank you for all your support. for your love. for your concern. 

For those of you who are at the age to serve a mission...i recommend that you serve a mission. is it hard? yes. are there moments where you want to cry? yes. but it is the most beautiful thing I have ever done. I thought I had a testimony before I left. I thought I knew the gospel. I thought I was a good member of the church. I thought I loved and appreciated my family. But being on a mission has made me grow and change for the better. I encourage ALL of you to serve a mission. Don`t doubt. Just do it. And thank God for the blessings you will receive. It`s a gift to be here on earth. With our family. With our friends. This is one tiny thing we can give to thank the lord and help others at the same time. 

I love you all!!!

hermana chase