Monday, March 31, 2014

I love this work!

(words in parenthesis are from mom)

HOLA! so this week... 

First I want to tell you about a recent convert here. He has 1 month as a member. He was driving his moto (motorcycle) when his friend who was drunk shot him. He got up and since he was still alive he shot him again. Well it went through his neck or something crazy like that. So this time he stayed down. It is a miracle that he is alive. He is having therapy because he couldn’t move his right arm. Now he can lift it halfway. He always goes to church, he has the priesthood so he can pass the sacrament, he reads the scriptures and everything. I love it! 

One night we almost got attacked by dogs. There is this one street with dogs at night. And this one night they all were out. like the song...who let the dogs out..who..who...who ..haha. anyway...we had our books ready, and water ready to attack them. luckily we made it through without any bites.

So in this area there are a ton of young people...its bad. it makes me ¨trunky¨which is to say...thinking of my life at home. haha. 

I Read this quote that i liked...¨the members of the church of Jesus Christ 
should be willing to sacrifice everything for the lord. josè ( Joseph) smith taught, `a religion that does not require sacrifice of everything, never had sufficient power to produce the faith necessary to bring us to  life and salvation.¨ 

So we went to a new area we have never been to contact. My companion asked this one joven , (young person..teenager)  ´do you have a girlfriend?` he says, nope. single and with no commitment. hahaha!!! Anyway...we went to this area with members the second time. Visited a less active named Sergio Augusto. He is 19. It was cool because he said earlier that day he was thinking that he needed to search God again. And for some reason he was going to leave the house but then decided to stay home and then we showed up with the members. Pretty sweet. Then he came with us to visit an investigator. Then he invited us to his house for soda and bread. We ended up watching he video Only a stonecutter with his family.

So I realized I have 5 months left...5 months to find and baptize a family. This was my goal that I am going to complete. haha.

Another quote...from carlos h amado...¨what does our authority serve us if we only talk with love¨ 

so i got a package this week with candy from mexico and earrings from guadelupe. I was super happy! 

So we have this thing called ¨show¨. When we put a fecha (baptismal date) or when someone completes a commitment..we do the show. meaning we smile, we congratulate them real big and stuff. It`s great. haha 

So this week we had the help of members and jovenes(teenagers) It was great. 

One funny story...we were teaching a less active and there were some roosters up in the tree above us...well we were reading in the book of mormon and a rooster pooped on my head. haha. i just kept reading but wrote a note to my companion explaining what happened and we were kinda laughing. luckily it pooped like a I just had to find the ball and scoop it out of my head. nobody even knew. haha. later one pooped on the joven and she was like everyone knew and of course my companion and i were laughing harder because we knew she wasn’t the only one. haha. 

So we found a person to teach jonathon...16. he accepted a fecha and thanked us for coming and teaching him.

We found luis...16 who we taught. The whole time his sister who was hiding from us was yelling things like, do you want some coffee...

we taught another joven...23 who has potential i think. he is kinda like...a gangsta but not quite. he paints really good and is thinking of selling artwork. he said he is interested in learning more. 

So at church we had 2 investigators...they have 3 times now. We are for sure they will feel ready when they go to conference this week. 

So I learned that God answers prayers. I had been praying that we would find at least one family to teach. Well the other day we found 2 families.. super positive. one we contacted their house...we clicked really fast and everything...members...less active. Then we were walking home and a guy says, adios hermanas. I ask who is that? So we go back and talk and he says he is a member. He introduces us to his wife. And then he says they are willing to help us. A lady was walking down the street who they knew and they go, hey silvia...come here..we want to introduce you to the missionaries. haha. I told my comp that God answered my prayer...I said families to teach...I said I need to be more exact. We always tell our investigators to be now I pray to find a family to baptize. haha. 

I love this work. I love Nicaragua. I have talked to a missionary who has only like 1 week home and he says it is different. Not to have the same spirit with you always. He told me to enjoy every minute. so...I am going to enjoy every minute!!! 

I love you all!!!
hermana chase

ps...please help the missionaries in your ward. Give them a reference or leave with them to visit. They need you.

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