Monday, March 10, 2014

One Year Mark

words in ( ) are from mom

Dear Family and Friends,
So I want to apologize for not writing last week. My computer froze but I had basically used all my time, so I guess this was God`s way of telling me to get off. haha. 

So...I am going to start off with a quote that my zone leader gave me...

´We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today...but our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever...for he sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming.`

Ahora... (now) this week we had a meeting with the president. 4 zones together. to be taught. Just sisters. Freak. He taught us how to put fechas. (baptismal dates) How to have someone read a passage from the Book of Mormon, how to be more bold. This is his focus. BE BOLD! BE DIRECT. He had a few hermanas do practices and he said...did you see that? they just danced the mambo....meaning they weren`t direct. haha. If they don`t read, or something they have to feel bad. We also did practices with real members. And they had to tell us after how they felt. Then we did it again to see if we improved. 

The same day Hermana Vargas, my old companion gave me a gift for completing 1 YEAR! She gave me my favorite things from nicaragua. Chips, juice, cookies, bread, and a stuffed animal and a card. I loved it! 

President saw this quote on a bus that I loved....well it was in spanish but in english its... 

`if you are afraid to are never going to get better` 

The same day...we were more animated. We had been joking beforehand that he was going to kill us. But we left the meeting alive and in one piece. That day was different. We did more jokes with our contacts, with our investigadores.. (investigators) .the people were was great. haha. We taught a family to complete. The wife is less active and the husband no. So we taught them for the first time. She is about to have a this month. their this helps. haha. he was laughing at all my jokes...i felt so good. Because sometimes the people don`t understand my jokes in spanish. haha.

So I hit my one year mark this week...6 months left! to celebrate we ate at a chow mein restaurant. haha. better than rice and beans. lol. I can`t believe it has been 1 year! what the freak! how fast time flies. really.... I don`t feel like it has even been 1 week. But I am realizing how much the Lord is changing me and molding me into the woman i am supposed to be. for my future family, for my future job...etc. I am grateful for every minute I have here. I have learned a lot, changed a lot, and have grown a lot. 

So we had divisions in our zone. I Went with hermana suret from guatemala...she is still in training. It was good. The good experiences I had with her...We went to have a mini lesson with a member. She asked if I could share a scripture. I said yes. I shared alma 26:12 the scripture on my plaque. Afterwards, the hermana ran and grabbed her own scriptures and thanked  me. She said how did you know? I am going to share this with my daughter. We have been having problems....After my comp told me a few of their goes to show that the lord is always helping us even when we don`t know it. 

I also got a ton of letters from my home ward. from members. thank you! I don`t know why the mail is funky here. And sorry if I don`t write you back. but know that i appreciate every letter i receive. 

So we saw another miracle. We had contacted a family and put an appointment but never found the house. Until one day we were looking for another family. We knocked on a door and guess who answered it...the first family we had contacted that we had looked for about 3 weeks ago. Turns out the other family we contacted were their parents and thanks to the parents with the address they gave us we found the house. I think the Lord wants this family to be baptized. they are super young. 18 years old with a baby girl. But they accepted a baptismal date. It was a miracle. When he went to get his wife my companion and i had our mouths open and we were you it? haha. the Lord helps us every day. 

So one day we went to visit our angel s_____. she was weird. we were letting her know that a member would pass by for her to take her to church the next day. she gets loud and goes...look i am going to be frank with you...if i am going to go to church i am going to walk alone. i have done that my whole life and that is how it will be. wow..well being more bold i explained that the past sunday we walked with her..blah blah. anyway...super weird.

Sunday we called her to see if she would come to church. she said she was in granada and wouldn`t be able to come...okay...but during the sacrament i looked over and outside peeking in through the window was s_____...huh!?! she came in and sat down with us. She also brought her grandchild. super weird...Idk what is going on with her but we were glad she came. 

so I have been a bit sick these days. i guess its the one year kicking in. my body now knows that i have a year here so my body is slowing dying. haha. anyway, thank you for all your support. for your love. for your concern. 

For those of you who are at the age to serve a mission...i recommend that you serve a mission. is it hard? yes. are there moments where you want to cry? yes. but it is the most beautiful thing I have ever done. I thought I had a testimony before I left. I thought I knew the gospel. I thought I was a good member of the church. I thought I loved and appreciated my family. But being on a mission has made me grow and change for the better. I encourage ALL of you to serve a mission. Don`t doubt. Just do it. And thank God for the blessings you will receive. It`s a gift to be here on earth. With our family. With our friends. This is one tiny thing we can give to thank the lord and help others at the same time. 

I love you all!!!

hermana chase

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