Wednesday, March 26, 2014

transfers...and you'll never guess where to

Notes in parentheses are from mom :)   
HELLO everyone,
So this week...has it really only been 1 week? feels much longer than
one week. haha.

So we had changes  (transfers) this week...and I had changes...yep. Me. My companion is training again for the 5th time. I only had 4 months in masaya so I
was a bit shocked I had changes. I visited my convert t___ and she
cried. But I left a notebook for everyone to write their info and
stuff. I visited my other convert E___...oh he looked so sad. I
was so heartbroken to leave him. I will miss him and his family a lot.
We visited family f____ and hermano w___ was so shocked. We ended up
making arroz con chocolate  (rice with chocolate) which i love! And when I said goodbye, I gave them some counsel. They have had a lot of problems. But their
goal is the temple. It looked like Hermano w___ was going to cry. Then
N____ and her family came and brought us dinner that night at 9:30.

I felt excited to leave but sad to leave the people.

So I went to bed at 2 and got up at 5. I don`t know why and how I have
so much stuff. Seriously. We met at the church at 6:30 and n____
showed up carring a...I don`t know how to spell it...hammock? A
jamaca...freak! she goes, my mom wanted you to have it. SO sweet! My
only am I going to mail this home? haha.

So I was glad to be at changes because Elder Trujillo is going home. i
got to hear his testimony. We talked for a bit....then
my old companion is training a gringa.  My new comp is hermana aquian from el
salvador. She is 30 years old, and has 5 months in the mission. But
super nice. area...SAN MARCOS. I am back in the SAME district
that I started in. yep. haha. I looked at elder trujillo and we
started laughing. I am only going to have 2 zones here in the mission.
haha. I was a bit bummed, but on the bus ride when we passed la concha
I felt so happy. I will be able to see my converts on pday. I am in a
different ward, but its like 5 min away from my area.

So my first day in san marcos we had a family home evening type thing at the church. They had me give my testimony. It`s great because the missionary here
before was hermana featherstone, who came with me....and a lot of people
have said that my spanish is better. So that makes me feel good.

So the water to shower is ICE COLD. I shower at night because I can`t
do it in the morning. haha.

So we have a ton of young people we are teaching...and guys too. But
positive. 19 and doesn’t want to go to church still. We think
he is afraid to go because of the things people say in the street
about mormons.

I also met a joven (young person - teenager) who my old district leader here taught. He just completed 1 year as a member. So that was cool to talk to him.

My first day here in my area I used contacts! The first time in like 8
months. But now I am back to glasses. haha. The good thing is that it
is a bit colder here. still super hot...but not as bad as masaya.

So one day we ate at the bishop`s they cook outside.
It was super good!

I also gave Hermana cap, who is serving in la concha, my old area...some
letters to give to people ;)

So one day during studies, my old convert from la concha called me.
v____. she goes, hey hermana chase...i want to be baptized. I thought it
was her...but i wasnt sure. I go, who is this? She goes v____. And I
started to cry. yep. I realized being back here in my old zone that
freak it will be super hard to leave these people. seriously.

One day we were contacting in the park and when we shook this guys
hand to leave my comp walked away and I went to shake his hand and
then he tried to hug me...aye...he was like drunk or something.

 Also, there is a guy in this ward that
reminds me of uncle chris only...more crazy. haha. I laugh just to
look at him.

So the elders here had  2 baptisms...we brought two jovenes. one has
a baptismal date for next week. He is super pilas! (slang for charged up) his name is j_____. He is 16 and has 3 times in church. He went to the baptism, and quit smoking. Well later that day he sent us a message that said that he was sorry but his parents dont want us coming anymore, that he cant
come to church, that he talked to them about the baptism but they dont
like it...we were heart broken. i  have only been here for like 5 days
but i have seen that he is ready. we went to visit him but he wasnt
home. we talked to his mom who told us something different. apparently
his mom is a bit crazy. anyway...we have his dads signature to
baptize we just have to find j___to talk to him and see if there is
a way we can baptize him still. his mom said that jose didnt like the
fact that a new member of 6 months did the baptism...but i am sure its
the mom that doesnt like it.

We also visited a convert who is super pilas. I have seen him and he
has given the missionaries a ton of references and works with the
elders every friday. anyway, he was asking us a bunch of
questions..he had printed off 20 questions to ask a mormon that they
can`t answer...ya he is reading that trash. he said he isnt doubting
christ, just the church. freak we talked to him hard and left the
talk, come join with us, by uchtdorf that says doubt your doubts
before you doubt your faith.

We also had a fun lesson teaching like 6 guys at the same time the law
of chastity. It was fun. haha.  Ay....I have no time left....Okay...

I love you all...we have some good investigators here. Love you!!!

Hermana Chase

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