Tuesday, April 29, 2014

funny and spiritual experiences

HOLA! So this letter I decided I am going to do it differently. I am
going to write about my funny experiences, and my spiritual

1. So one day we were walking and my companion stops and gasps. I look at
her and see that she is looking at the floor pointing.  I was afraid
it was an animal or something. I look down and see that it was a scary
looking animal...yep...green...with some kind of numbers...oh
wait...nope. It was 20 cordobas. haha. We picked it up because nobody
was around...or basically the owner. haha. We ended up using it to buy

2. We taught a boy L___ and we put a fecha with him. We told him that
we had prayed about this date and knew he would be ready...that we
always pray for him,. He goes, oh well I am embarrassed...I don´t pray
for you guys. haha.

3. So we had divisions as a zone. I stayed in my area and hermana perez
came here. We were walking and a guy from behind said..hey
muchachas...I have a question for you. We went back and he asked a
funny but interesting question. He asked, why do you guys always carry
that book in your hand when you have a backpack? From there, we
quickly put an appointment with him for another day. haha

4. The same day with hermana perez we contacted a house and we basically
just taught our purpose. Well to finish we asked if this lady could
say the closing prayer. We all stood on foot to pray and the prayer
started out normal. When all of a sudden she started to get louder and
I was hearing some other language. Then back to spanish...then this
other language...then spanish...then the other language. Then she got
soft again and ended the prayer. We said bye, and as soon as we left
the house I looked at my companion and asked, what the heck kind of
language was that? She told me it was ´the gift of tongues´. That
people think if they talk like that, they invite the
spirit...um...wow. There is a first time to experience everything right?

5. So this week was a party week here in san marcos. And one day there
were so many people in the park and the streets...that we couldn´t get
into our house...we live right in front of the park. So we ended up
going to a restaurant to eat dinner while we waited for the people to
leave. haha

6. We have a list of less actives and we asked someone if they knew
this person. He goes, oh yes. We asked where she lived. He goes,
okay...see the sun? So, from the sun about 2 blocks that way. Yep...I
think that was the craziest and funniest direction I have heard. haha.

7. So we were in a lesson with E____...this guy who contacted us
about the backpacks. He is super nice. Always gives us something to
drink..and this past day he gave us a bit of dinner because I said
here in nicaragua is only rice and beans...so he was proving to us
that they cook other things. haha. (oh he knows english because he
lived in florida...but decided to come back here for a bit).
Anyway...so we were teaching and he yells to his sister to bring the
bug repellent. I thought it was for him. He grabs the bug spray and
then comes over to us and sprays our legs and arms without even saying
anything. It took all my energy to not laugh. We just said thank you.

8. During church...in the first hour some kid was blowing
bubbles...like I said...a first for everything right? haha.

9. A few members are saying that I have a demon in me because I have a
cold-cough...where there is Phlem. So when I cough they go..oh the
demon is trying to take over again...its coming out. take it out hermana
chase! you can do it. hahaha..

Okay...now that you have laughed at a few of my stories this
week...time for those spiritual moments. This week I have started
counting my blessings...yes like the song. But really it helps. I
number each blessing I get that day. And it is helping me to see that
even in those days that stink...the Lord blesses us.

1. So Like I Said we had divisions with the zone. So I was with hermana
perez...she wasn´t hungry for lunch yet so I said we could visit a
lady. We went to visit her and turns out that this day was exactly 6
months since her son died. He was killed in guatemala and left his
wife and 3 kids. We ended up teaching about Christ and the atonement
and a brief summary of the plan of salvation. We also ended up putting
a baptism goal with her. It was a good lesson.

So we always have like a family home evening here on wednesdays at the church. My convert M___ came, and a less active. Well...after the meeting I
asked if we could share a message with them. I wanted to teach lesson
3 because we had found the less active drunk one day...he is only 16.
We found out that that was his first time drinking. We were hard on him but
with love. I almost cried because I was so heartbroken. He is so young
and I didn´t want to believe it was him. We had a good lesson and I
gave him a picture of Christ to put up in his room. And to use when he

3. So when we taught E_____ for the first time we invited him to be
baptized. He goes wo wo wo...this feels like dejavu. Like this has
happened before or something. We were all excited when he said this.
haha. He ended up accepting the baptism goal which was good. :)

4. Our convert Karen put a goal to read the book of mormon by June
11...we are happy for that. :)

5. I was studying about faith this week and read that a belief is
passive, to accept that something is true. Whereas faith is this
belief but with action. That we cannot have faith without believing.
but we can believe and not have faith. O sea...la creencia is pasiva,
acceptación de que algo es verdadero. La fe is una creencia y acción.
No podemos tener fe sin creer más podemos creer y no tener fe. So I
was thinking that I think my problem is that I have a belief...I know
that God can help me with things...help me find the families...but I
don´t always have the faith. I need to act more. If I want to find a
family...I need to contact the families that come into my path..do all
I can to find them.

6. So we visited a family that were old investigators from about 2
years ago. Only the mom was home and she said her husband doesn´t get
home for another 2 hours. when in walked her husband. He got home
early. :) We ended up putting a fecha with them and we found out that
about a week earlier the mom was wanting to visit our church again.

7. After that lesson we contacted a lady who the missionaries passed
by a few times...we invited her to be baptized the 24 or the 31 and she
says the closer one because you never know what can happen. Yep :) that
doesn’t happen too much haha

8. 1 Nephi 17:8-10 Instead of asking how can I contact  that many
people or have that many lessons...I should say where do you want me
to go to contact those people? We need to be more like nephi and have

9.at church our convert k___ was called as counselor in Young Women!!!! YAY!!!
I am so  happy! That will help her a lot!

Anyway...those are a few of my experiences this week...I have a lot
more but those will have to wait until I get home. haha. I hope you
are all sharing the gospel to those around you. This message is
important. I love you all and I appreciate your support and love. ;)

Hermana Chase

p.s. from mom ....just an addendum to let you know some of the environmental struggles Kaitlin is going thru still. (althoug they don’t seem to be struggles with  Kaitlin,)  She sent pictures showing how everything is just dirt roads. Her comment was “ You can see how much dirt there is here...yes this is the mission.” Bulls walking along the trail with their owner is a common sight I gather. They are moving again because currently they are renting a room but the owner wants to charge them more money.They found a place and if it meets with the elders approval they will clean it ( not clean now?) and move in.   Stephen joked about finding a place where she can finally have hot water. Her comment? Not gonna happen.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

converts going strong

So this week I visited a family from my old area La Concha. Family
B___. There lives my convert M___ but she wasn`t home. But it was
still fun to see her family. Hermana Blass was like my mom there. She gave
us bread and soda and avocados and bananas and oranges to take home.
They look so good. happy. It was good to see them again. I was sad
that m___, my convert wasn`t home so i had a member send her a
message and I told her to come to the church here on wednesday 7
because I would be there.

We left with a member in Los Campos and she basically took us around
to every house haha. So we got to know a lot of people. She has less
than 1 year as member so she was talking to everyone and sharing her
testimony haha. so cute.

So wednesday night we were at the church for weekly meeting. I was
hoping maria would be there. She wasn`t. The activity started which
was a movie. Every like 5 minutes I would look back to see if m___
was there...but no. Eventually I gave up and just said a prayer in my
heart and focused on the movie. then I felt a tap on my shoulder and a
member motioned to the door. I looked back and there was m___!!! I
quickly left the room and went to hug her. I kinda almost started to
cry. I was so happy to see her. She is so sweet and brought me a
gift...perfume. We talked, and she told me things that were going on.
She told me she was afraid she missed me because they got there late.
Her husband was there too so I got to talk to him too. I matcheted (chastised)
them a bit for not doing things, but also showed my love of course. We
agreed that one monday we will get together to hang out. I was so
grateful that my heavenly Father listened to my prayer and gave me
that blessing to see M___.

So the elders gave us a reference that we thought was
positive...but...no. Kinda the opposite. But we are working with them.
We want to teach the plan of salvation because about 1 year ago they
lost their 14 year daughter who had special needs.

Oh...also one night my old comp called me. She told me someone wanted
to talk to me. It was my convert E___!!! He had passed the
sacrament for the first time and told me he felt good. He told me he
is the president of the deacons and so is helping them to read and pray. He
told me he would write me and send me lots of pictures. That he wrote in
my notebook and with some recipes. :) That he will take a picture of his
dad when he goes to church. haha. That how I helped him he will help
his dad who isn`t a member. He said that if he doesn`t go on a mission
to california that one day he will go to california to visit me. He
said that when he looks at his baptism fotos he always thinks of me
and his grandma who passed away and the times we had together. He
asked when I would go home because he said that he wants to go to the
airport when I go home. haha. he is so cute. He said he wanted to come
this sunday to church here but his dad didn`t have time. After we
ended the call he called again to give me his number haha. It was so
good to talk to him and to hear that he was doing good.

For our district meeting i taught the lesson. On how to better our
teachings. Preach my gospel chapter 10.

We contacted a lady who said no thanks. I am catholic and I am not
interested. Our District Leader asked if she had prayed to know if that is what God
wanted for her. She said words I will NEVER forget...`What God wants
for me is what I want for me`..... I was thinking...so those who want
to party, drink and be bums...that is what God wants for them? I don`t
think so.

I also found my boyfriend here. haha. a 5 year old boy. r___'s brother. He
is so cute. He always talks to me and does what I Say. Sometimes I ask
if he is going to leave with us and he gets up ready to go. Or if I
say we are going to go and that I want a hug...he gives me a hug and a
kiss. He is so cute!

So I put a goal to read the book of mormon out loud before I get home.
I did the math and I have to read 4.7 pages each day. So far I am
good. haha. I have been reading it in my head...I am at  helaman..but now
I am also reading it out loud. I Was doing that up until alma...but

so I had a weird first experience. We were teaching a lady lesson 1.
We had just finished teaching the apostasy and we were about to teach
joseph smith. When the ice cream guy walked by. She goes man i am hot.
And runs outside and yells for the ice cream man to come back. Um...
okay? My comp and I looked at each other like what just happened...she
came back in and goes, ice cream? ya that was a first experience.
when we tried to put a fecha she didn`t accept...

We have 2 people with fechas...2! I am kinda ashamed. We have tried
putting fechas but they just don`t accept. I am hoping to work harder
these last 4 months. Look for the miracles and blessing from God. To
give more thanks. I know this is the work of the Lord.

I love you all!

Hermana Chase

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2 baptisms and EARTHQUAKES!

( words in parentheses are from mom) 

Dear Family and Friends,

So...where do i start...haha. 

We started teaching a lady who lives part time here and part time in california. yep! haha. so she knows english and sometimes talks to me in english. When we taught her she only had a bible but in english. haha. Anyway, she accepted a fecha ( baptismal date) and is really positive. She has family or relatives that are members. 

So this week we had the baptism interviews for melvin and karen...THEY PASSED!!!! :D 

One of the boys who read their prayer off of a paper (last letter) said that he would do the first prayer this time...that was good. We also watched the restoration DVD and after I asked him...what did you get out of this video. He goes...that your church is the right church. HAHA! 

I got a letter from one of my converts from La Concha...she told me that she hadn`t been to church in a bit but was happy i was close. 

We are teaching a young family with a baby who is 1 that has a tube in his throat...to breath. He had an operation and will have it until he is 2 when he will have another operation and they will take it out. when we went this week he had a cold and couldn`t breath very well. 

So we visited L__...the guy who told my comp he was single...he goes..Oh I got your message you sent ...which one of you sent it? It was you right? and he points to my comp...super funny!!!!! And then in his prayer he says...bless the hermanas who are trying to win over my heart. haha! 

so i got another letter from my convert. She expressed  a lot to me. A lot of problems that are going on there in her house. I ended up making a poster with a picture of the temple and a picture of her and her husband. Also I cried because she told me that she trusts me and is sad to think that when i go she wont have anyone to write to...and she told me that if God lets her have children she is going to name one Chase after me. so sweet. after I finish this letter i am going to visit her family. i dont know if she will be home but i hope so....aaye! the bishop from la concha just walked in! how nice! 

So thursday we had an earthquake. we were in the house of a convert. I tried not to freak. Then friday we had interviews with our mission president when my comp was being interviewed...another earthquake. 

Saturday!!! DAY OF BAPTISMS!!!! so we had the baptism at 7pm because they study. we had 2 and the elders had 2 baptisms. So it was so sweet. K___ when she was changing said...i still cant believe i am doing this. and after the baptism M___ was like look...i’m shaking. and he goes...i have never experienced this before...(never had a baptism) but i feel hot inside and touched his heart. AW! moments that cant be forgotten. I almost cried because I was thinking that one day I wont be doing this anymore and that makes me sad. really sad. so i have to enjoy each day now.

So sunday we did divisions to bring people to church...I Went to the area really far (we have 2 areas because they closed one) and so i got to church late...when they started the sacrament...at the end i was like huh...the confirmations...they did it without me there! even though i had their papers. i thought they would wait for me...but no. I cried just a little. haha. 

So at 11pm a member calls us and asks if we are okay because of the earthquake that took out the lights. we told her we felt nothing. she said well be careful and dont sleep to much. all of nicaragua is in the red zone. so we called our zone leaders to see if they heard anything. no. then 2 minutes later...earthquake. ya... 

keep all of us in central america in your prayers please. I know this is the true church. The gospel is true. God loved us so he sent his son. Christ loved us so he died for us. We love Christ, but how do we show it? 

I love you all!!! And encourage you to study the atonement!

Hermana Chase

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

some good experiences

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was a good week. I had a good experience with our investigator K___. In this lesson she mentioned topics and feelings that she had that dealt with every scripture I had studied for her that morning. I only shared one of them, but it was a neat experience to see that I had the spirit with me during study time. 

We had another good experience with an investigator N___. He is 23 and he never wants to pray. This time after the lesson we spent 30 minutes trying to get him to pray. When for some reason I asked, `is this your first time praying out loud?` He said yes. So we took out a paper and asked him for what things he was grateful for. And what he wanted to ask or needed. Then we gave him the paper that had his prayer. From there he started to pray and actually said more than what we had written...like he asked that God would bless us sisters. Afterwards, we did what is called the show. It`s where we congratulate them and act all excited and stuff. So we were like way to go..we knew you could do it! And we shook his hand. His face totally changed. He was happy. 

We then had another joven with the same problem. We did the same with him. He ended up just reading the paper and not adding anything but we used the show and he was happy. 

One day we needed more contacts and so we went to the park...there were only white people there...and I couldn`t contact them. I like freak out around white people...unless they are missionaries. I don`t know what I will do when I get home. haha.

We had another joven who the first lesson he said he wasn`t going to pray. He is very direct and says the truth which is good. The second time we visited him he said he would pray. I was shocked! but happy! 

So our District leader and our zone leader worked with us. We had a powerful lesson with a less active, J___. He is 23 and he opened up to us. This was the first time I met him. He was waiting for a juicio...um...like a court date for something. And he felt bad. And wanted to change. He was basically crying. The elders asked if he wanted a blessing. He agreed. It was a good blessing. And our zone leader read him Moroni 6:8.  It was a tender moment. 

So one day I woke up and started doing my stuff. I then put my towel on my bed and go oh freak! I had ants on my bed!!! I tell my comp , `hermana...I have to tell you something. Last night...I broke the law of chastity...` she turns around and goes what?! I told her...look who I slept with last night!!! haha. The whole day we were joking about that. there were some in her bed...we don`t know why...haha.

So we had divisions with the hermana leaders. I went to diriamba. It was fun. We were contacting a family in the street and a big drunk lady came up to shake our hand. I ignored her but my comp shook her hand. The lady grabbed her hand hard and then...are you ready for this...to say goodbye she kissed my comp`s hand. Aye no...it was so funny. Afterwards she was like...eeeeeew! do you have hand sanitizer? of course I didn`t. haha. Also some random guy poked my side hard while walking. 

So conference!!! We did have investigators!!! and we are going to have 2 baptisms this saturday!!! 

We ended visiting R____ . He said he was going to go and didn`t. When I passed by he wasn`t home..he was coaching a soccer team. We read him Matthew 21:28-31 and Matthew 10:38-39. Ya...I asked him if soccer was more important than god. He didnt answer the first time. I repeated the question and he said no of course not. So I told him then he needed to change things. We said he should look for someone else to coach the team. We explained why it was important that he goes to church. That we want the best for him. 

A good week. I wasn`t able to listen to all the talks, but the ones I heard were good. 

I now have 13 months here...5 more months or 3 changes. I cannot believe how time flies by. I love you all! Jamie Jenkins my prayers are with. Family Noguiera also. And familiy washburn. I love you and I know that Christ is always there to lift our burdens when we need help. 

Hermana Chase