Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2 baptisms and EARTHQUAKES!

( words in parentheses are from mom) 

Dear Family and Friends,

So...where do i start...haha. 

We started teaching a lady who lives part time here and part time in california. yep! haha. so she knows english and sometimes talks to me in english. When we taught her she only had a bible but in english. haha. Anyway, she accepted a fecha ( baptismal date) and is really positive. She has family or relatives that are members. 

So this week we had the baptism interviews for melvin and karen...THEY PASSED!!!! :D 

One of the boys who read their prayer off of a paper (last letter) said that he would do the first prayer this time...that was good. We also watched the restoration DVD and after I asked him...what did you get out of this video. He goes...that your church is the right church. HAHA! 

I got a letter from one of my converts from La Concha...she told me that she hadn`t been to church in a bit but was happy i was close. 

We are teaching a young family with a baby who is 1 that has a tube in his throat...to breath. He had an operation and will have it until he is 2 when he will have another operation and they will take it out. when we went this week he had a cold and couldn`t breath very well. 

So we visited L__...the guy who told my comp he was single...he goes..Oh I got your message you sent ...which one of you sent it? It was you right? and he points to my comp...super funny!!!!! And then in his prayer he says...bless the hermanas who are trying to win over my heart. haha! 

so i got another letter from my convert. She expressed  a lot to me. A lot of problems that are going on there in her house. I ended up making a poster with a picture of the temple and a picture of her and her husband. Also I cried because she told me that she trusts me and is sad to think that when i go she wont have anyone to write to...and she told me that if God lets her have children she is going to name one Chase after me. so sweet. after I finish this letter i am going to visit her family. i dont know if she will be home but i hope so....aaye! the bishop from la concha just walked in! how nice! 

So thursday we had an earthquake. we were in the house of a convert. I tried not to freak. Then friday we had interviews with our mission president when my comp was being interviewed...another earthquake. 

Saturday!!! DAY OF BAPTISMS!!!! so we had the baptism at 7pm because they study. we had 2 and the elders had 2 baptisms. So it was so sweet. K___ when she was changing said...i still cant believe i am doing this. and after the baptism M___ was like look...i’m shaking. and he goes...i have never experienced this before...(never had a baptism) but i feel hot inside and touched his heart. AW! moments that cant be forgotten. I almost cried because I was thinking that one day I wont be doing this anymore and that makes me sad. really sad. so i have to enjoy each day now.

So sunday we did divisions to bring people to church...I Went to the area really far (we have 2 areas because they closed one) and so i got to church late...when they started the sacrament...at the end i was like huh...the confirmations...they did it without me there! even though i had their papers. i thought they would wait for me...but no. I cried just a little. haha. 

So at 11pm a member calls us and asks if we are okay because of the earthquake that took out the lights. we told her we felt nothing. she said well be careful and dont sleep to much. all of nicaragua is in the red zone. so we called our zone leaders to see if they heard anything. no. then 2 minutes later...earthquake. ya... 

keep all of us in central america in your prayers please. I know this is the true church. The gospel is true. God loved us so he sent his son. Christ loved us so he died for us. We love Christ, but how do we show it? 

I love you all!!! And encourage you to study the atonement!

Hermana Chase

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