Tuesday, April 22, 2014

converts going strong

So this week I visited a family from my old area La Concha. Family
B___. There lives my convert M___ but she wasn`t home. But it was
still fun to see her family. Hermana Blass was like my mom there. She gave
us bread and soda and avocados and bananas and oranges to take home.
They look so good. happy. It was good to see them again. I was sad
that m___, my convert wasn`t home so i had a member send her a
message and I told her to come to the church here on wednesday 7
because I would be there.

We left with a member in Los Campos and she basically took us around
to every house haha. So we got to know a lot of people. She has less
than 1 year as member so she was talking to everyone and sharing her
testimony haha. so cute.

So wednesday night we were at the church for weekly meeting. I was
hoping maria would be there. She wasn`t. The activity started which
was a movie. Every like 5 minutes I would look back to see if m___
was there...but no. Eventually I gave up and just said a prayer in my
heart and focused on the movie. then I felt a tap on my shoulder and a
member motioned to the door. I looked back and there was m___!!! I
quickly left the room and went to hug her. I kinda almost started to
cry. I was so happy to see her. She is so sweet and brought me a
gift...perfume. We talked, and she told me things that were going on.
She told me she was afraid she missed me because they got there late.
Her husband was there too so I got to talk to him too. I matcheted (chastised)
them a bit for not doing things, but also showed my love of course. We
agreed that one monday we will get together to hang out. I was so
grateful that my heavenly Father listened to my prayer and gave me
that blessing to see M___.

So the elders gave us a reference that we thought was
positive...but...no. Kinda the opposite. But we are working with them.
We want to teach the plan of salvation because about 1 year ago they
lost their 14 year daughter who had special needs.

Oh...also one night my old comp called me. She told me someone wanted
to talk to me. It was my convert E___!!! He had passed the
sacrament for the first time and told me he felt good. He told me he
is the president of the deacons and so is helping them to read and pray. He
told me he would write me and send me lots of pictures. That he wrote in
my notebook and with some recipes. :) That he will take a picture of his
dad when he goes to church. haha. That how I helped him he will help
his dad who isn`t a member. He said that if he doesn`t go on a mission
to california that one day he will go to california to visit me. He
said that when he looks at his baptism fotos he always thinks of me
and his grandma who passed away and the times we had together. He
asked when I would go home because he said that he wants to go to the
airport when I go home. haha. he is so cute. He said he wanted to come
this sunday to church here but his dad didn`t have time. After we
ended the call he called again to give me his number haha. It was so
good to talk to him and to hear that he was doing good.

For our district meeting i taught the lesson. On how to better our
teachings. Preach my gospel chapter 10.

We contacted a lady who said no thanks. I am catholic and I am not
interested. Our District Leader asked if she had prayed to know if that is what God
wanted for her. She said words I will NEVER forget...`What God wants
for me is what I want for me`..... I was thinking...so those who want
to party, drink and be bums...that is what God wants for them? I don`t
think so.

I also found my boyfriend here. haha. a 5 year old boy. r___'s brother. He
is so cute. He always talks to me and does what I Say. Sometimes I ask
if he is going to leave with us and he gets up ready to go. Or if I
say we are going to go and that I want a hug...he gives me a hug and a
kiss. He is so cute!

So I put a goal to read the book of mormon out loud before I get home.
I did the math and I have to read 4.7 pages each day. So far I am
good. haha. I have been reading it in my head...I am at  helaman..but now
I am also reading it out loud. I Was doing that up until alma...but

so I had a weird first experience. We were teaching a lady lesson 1.
We had just finished teaching the apostasy and we were about to teach
joseph smith. When the ice cream guy walked by. She goes man i am hot.
And runs outside and yells for the ice cream man to come back. Um...
okay? My comp and I looked at each other like what just happened...she
came back in and goes, ice cream? ya that was a first experience.
when we tried to put a fecha she didn`t accept...

We have 2 people with fechas...2! I am kinda ashamed. We have tried
putting fechas but they just don`t accept. I am hoping to work harder
these last 4 months. Look for the miracles and blessing from God. To
give more thanks. I know this is the work of the Lord.

I love you all!

Hermana Chase

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