Wednesday, April 9, 2014

some good experiences

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was a good week. I had a good experience with our investigator K___. In this lesson she mentioned topics and feelings that she had that dealt with every scripture I had studied for her that morning. I only shared one of them, but it was a neat experience to see that I had the spirit with me during study time. 

We had another good experience with an investigator N___. He is 23 and he never wants to pray. This time after the lesson we spent 30 minutes trying to get him to pray. When for some reason I asked, `is this your first time praying out loud?` He said yes. So we took out a paper and asked him for what things he was grateful for. And what he wanted to ask or needed. Then we gave him the paper that had his prayer. From there he started to pray and actually said more than what we had he asked that God would bless us sisters. Afterwards, we did what is called the show. It`s where we congratulate them and act all excited and stuff. So we were like way to go..we knew you could do it! And we shook his hand. His face totally changed. He was happy. 

We then had another joven with the same problem. We did the same with him. He ended up just reading the paper and not adding anything but we used the show and he was happy. 

One day we needed more contacts and so we went to the park...there were only white people there...and I couldn`t contact them. I like freak out around white people...unless they are missionaries. I don`t know what I will do when I get home. haha.

We had another joven who the first lesson he said he wasn`t going to pray. He is very direct and says the truth which is good. The second time we visited him he said he would pray. I was shocked! but happy! 

So our District leader and our zone leader worked with us. We had a powerful lesson with a less active, J___. He is 23 and he opened up to us. This was the first time I met him. He was waiting for a a court date for something. And he felt bad. And wanted to change. He was basically crying. The elders asked if he wanted a blessing. He agreed. It was a good blessing. And our zone leader read him Moroni 6:8.  It was a tender moment. 

So one day I woke up and started doing my stuff. I then put my towel on my bed and go oh freak! I had ants on my bed!!! I tell my comp , `hermana...I have to tell you something. Last night...I broke the law of chastity...` she turns around and goes what?! I told her...look who I slept with last night!!! haha. The whole day we were joking about that. there were some in her bed...we don`t know why...haha.

So we had divisions with the hermana leaders. I went to diriamba. It was fun. We were contacting a family in the street and a big drunk lady came up to shake our hand. I ignored her but my comp shook her hand. The lady grabbed her hand hard and then...are you ready for say goodbye she kissed my comp`s hand. Aye was so funny. Afterwards she was like...eeeeeew! do you have hand sanitizer? of course I didn`t. haha. Also some random guy poked my side hard while walking. 

So conference!!! We did have investigators!!! and we are going to have 2 baptisms this saturday!!! 

We ended visiting R____ . He said he was going to go and didn`t. When I passed by he wasn`t home..he was coaching a soccer team. We read him Matthew 21:28-31 and Matthew 10:38-39. Ya...I asked him if soccer was more important than god. He didnt answer the first time. I repeated the question and he said no of course not. So I told him then he needed to change things. We said he should look for someone else to coach the team. We explained why it was important that he goes to church. That we want the best for him. 

A good week. I wasn`t able to listen to all the talks, but the ones I heard were good. 

I now have 13 months here...5 more months or 3 changes. I cannot believe how time flies by. I love you all! Jamie Jenkins my prayers are with. Family Noguiera also. And familiy washburn. I love you and I know that Christ is always there to lift our burdens when we need help. 

Hermana Chase 

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