Tuesday, May 27, 2014

so little time

comments in parenthesis are moms interpretation)

Dear Family and Friends,
So I feel bad because I only have about 15 minutes to write you. We lost track of time and so we got back late. We were were with some members chilling and cooking food and then it started to rain so we waited a bit before we came back. 

So this week...I will just tell you the highlights. The less active who is now more active than less...blessed the sacrament sunday!!! He was there early and ready. He went by himself too because his brother had to go to another ward. His brother told me something nice. He told us that the missionaries visited his brother and he always said he would go to church, but never went. The old bishop even went to his house and the bishop is bien pilas.( a real go getter) But it wasn´t until we got there that por fin  (finally) he went to church. That we have helped him a lot. That makes me feel good. Sometimes I feel a bit bad that I  don’t ´t have baptisms, but when someone tells me I helped a member, or a less active change, I feel good. We had one investigator that finally came to church after a long time. And another less active.

Something that we have started to do is have FHE (family home evening)  with a family each night with the deal that they have to bring a non member. It is actually working. We had one, and we are having another one tonight.

Also my convert from la concha went to the temple today with the ward to do baptisms. Her first time!!! And in august she completes 1 year and can be sealed. 

So some funny things quickly....

We were walking on a dirt road...and the road was like i dont know how to explain it...like when you build a river for a sandcastle...so I went to cross it to be able to walk easier and slam...fell. the dirt wasn’t hard. So it went up to my knees. MY legs were black. haha. We were laughing so hard that my companion then peed her pants. So obviously we both had to go home to quickly rinse off. haha..

also...the ZL´s  (zone leaders) were with us to give a blessing to a  member...and there is always this little boy who yells names at us...mostly my companion because she is a darker color. Well our ZL didn´t like that and walked back but the boy ran off so he told the other boys to stop. Then we were walking by the park and the same thing happened...and he turns around and goes...no...not to the girls. haha. our ZL said it is a good thing I am not with you the whole day. haha. It was great.

We also went to teach our investigator, a joven.  (young person) well her 9 year old friend was there...and the first two times she was sweet and everything. this time she grabs her bible and says...i am going to teach you today. i am evangelica...what are you? who do you honor? joseph smith? what do you believe about sin? what happens to a person who isn’t baptized when they die? blah blah...had scriptures. my companion took out a scripture that killed her because you know she doesn’t read much but hears things. she kept looking at our investigator like say something. and she would be like, well a___ what do you think? but a___ never said anything. I think for this reason she hasn’t been going to church....sad.

there was only one day this week where i woke up and almost cried. Just thinking that my time is ending. It is mixed feelings. I cant wait to be home with my friends and family and things, but just thinking of leaving all these people breaks my heart. And I still have a lot of time left. I don’t know what I will do when it gets even closer. I just hope I die here in this area  (finish her mission in this area) becasue if not...i will die sooner. haha

I love this work, I love the gospel. I cant imagine my life without it. As we missionaries say...the mission is like a carmel candy. Its hard, but its sweet. :) I love you all!

Hermana Chase

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

another week

Okay so this week…So I ended up going to Jinotepe to buy a new camera. A member came with us to show us where they soldcameras. They only had about 3 different types but the good thing is that now I have oneIt will take a bit of time to love itlike my other camera…but it will do for now.
ended up sending a video to my convert in Masaya. E____. The daughter of where we eat lunch here lives in Masaya and so she took it for me. I was so happyJ My plan is to make a video for each of my converts to give to them when I go. So theyhave a small video clip of me encouraging themHaha.
This week we had our weekly planning as a district in the churchThat way if we had questions our zone leaders were there tohelp usInstead of us having to call them.
So we took the advice of our zone leaders and went to visit d___but to teach her momWe got there and I asked the mom ifwe could share our message with her. She immediately said no. So I explained that we talked together and felt we should share the message with her so that she could know what we were teaching her daughter. She said no. So we asked if we could share something with D____. She said no. We just ended up sharing a message with her dad quickly and left. Now her mom doesnt want anything to do with us. And D___ doesnt want to go to church.
We had a reference from the elders and we found the house but she didnt live there. Instead there lives the patriarchs wife and grandson. We ended up having a really good lesson with her. She cried...she is less active for something that happened with husband. I wont say what...but she says that she knows the church is tue that she will never deny that. When she said that we must have had the wrong address my comp explained that no we didnt..that the lord wanted us to go visit her. And its true.
Also I am happy to announce that my convert M___ got the priesthood sunday!!! I was so happy! also S___, who was less active got the priesthood and is starting his mission papers. When we asked why he started to go to church and why he wants to go on a mission he said that I helped him a lot. haha. I always talk about the mission and I always tried to get him to go to church. I never thought he would go, but now he is active and going to all the activities. M___ I am a bit worried...he wanted to go play soccer after the second hour but I convinced him to stay to recieve the priesthood.
We also found a guy that had questions of the soul and I was so happy i was laughing. When he as asked why I was laughing I explained I was happy because it is very rare we find people like him with questions and a desire to know. The only bad thing is that he lives in the other área...but we happily took his direction (address) to give to the elders.
Anyway...It was a good week. Tomorrow we have a conference with other zones and president. Should be good. :)
Sorry I spent a lot of time trying to send pics...but it doesnt want to...so I cant write too much.
Love you all!!!
ps...I encourage all to go on the mission!!! ;)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

robbed but not stopping!

from mom - we had a chance to talk to Kaitlin on Mother's Day and she is doing great, especially considering what happened this past week. It was hard for her to speak in English. She kept throwing in Spanish words, and even her English had a Spanish accent! Thank you for all your prayers on her behalf as she serves the Lord in this capacity.   

Okay Family and Friends...
So last monday when I wrote you guys,  everything was good. We got home afterwards got ready quickly and left the house at 6:20 pm to teach. We got home at 9:20. So imagine our house. There is a gate outside that you have to open. From there you walk up the stairs to open another gate. From there you open our front door. Ya? So I always open the door because I carry the keys. So I unlock the first gate and give the lock to my comp to close it. When I start walking up the stairs and see the front door open. My heart fell to the floor...literally...and I ran down and started to gasp no no no no because my comp was going to lock us in. She freaks and we run out. She asks me what happened and I tell her that the front door is open. She told me maybe it was her fault. She closed the door for the first time so she thought she closed it bad. So she starts to walk up the stairs and sees that the lock to the gate outside the front door is gone. So she freaks and runs back down. Our neighbor comes out and asks what happened. We told him we weren`t sure if we left the door open but we think someone broke in. Then we saw the gate on the side of the house and it was open..so we knew. Our neighborr grabbed his machete and entered our house. He came back out and told us that nobody was there but that everything was thrashed. I got so mad..I hit the brick wall and started to cry. I had left my camera and memory card open on my desk easy to take. I ALWAYS take my camara with me but this time I decided to leave it...and they broke in. My 14 months of pictures ( and videos ) gone. Our shoes, backpacks, food, dvd player, music player, perfumes, lotions, everything pretty much but clothes. Our Zone leaders came over and they went with our neighbor to buy 20 dollar locks for each gate. So we slept there that night...with the lights on. The next day a member came over to our house at about 10pm. She felt prompted to come over and see us. We explained what happened and she told us she knew the guard outside and would tell him to pay extra attention to our house. So... when she went to tell him he said that he saw two boys at 2 in the morning trying to break into our house...again. This time they had cut the wires above the brick wall to get in. So we freaked and called our zone leaders...who breaks in at 7pm and again at 2am...locos... so the zone leaders come and we pack an overnight bag...the elders walk us to their house. They told us they were supposed to do divisions with the district leader but for some reason felt they shouldn`t....now we know why. Both them and the member listened to the spirit. So we got to the elders house at about midnight. They showed us where everything was and the elders left...to sleep at our house. We were finally able to sleep in peace...the other night not really. The next day we spent the whole day packing and looking for a house. We ended up going to the first house we had wanted but president said no because it was in the area of the elders. So its a house in front...where the owner lives...and in the back are two rooms where we live. We have one of the rooms. It's small...but its a lot safer and better. 
Okay...so the first few days were weird and hectic...the next day our alarm didn'`t go off and we got up at like 8;20! I was so embarrassed...from there we had a good week. The next day we found 2 families. We visited a family where the mom had read the whole book of mormon menos (less)  the last chapter. so we finished the book of mormon with her. And we put a baptism date with her, her husband and her two kids. We are also teaching the wife of a less active...so we have some possibilates. Also we almost had a baptism yesterday. but when we got there the mom changed her mind and didnt give us permission to baptize her daughter. She calls her daughter the devil and things...it breaks my heart. 
Anyway...I love this work! I love nicaragua...and I LOVE the people. I try not to think that my time is slowly ending. I would never trade these hard, wonderful 14 months  (and 4 months to go) of my life for anything. 

I love you all! And open your mouth to share what you know is true!
Hermana Chase

Monday, May 5, 2014

moving day and new experiences...as a trainer!

Hola friends and family,
Another week has gone by. How fast the time flies. Well...we had a FHE as a ward to say goodbye to elder willden...he finished his mission. While there my convert from la concha entered with her husband! Awww...! I was so happy to see her! I hadn`t seen her since I left La concha.
So we also changed houses this week. It was a bit of a hassle. The zone leaders, being men...didn`t think of everything. They didn`t call anyone with a car or anything to help us. They show up and go...so do you have someone to help move? or how are we going to do this? A few other elders showed up to help. We ended up spending 1 hour trying to find someone to come help. Finally we got a member to come with his truck and we loaded up everything. The first day we had water...everything fine. One day we didn`t have anything...we have a tank outside so when there is water we fill it up so when we run out of water we have the backup...well we filled it up one night and in the morning we had nothing...so i showered with a bottle of water. ya...then the next day no water....so I went 2 days without showering...eew. it`s fine if you aren`t sweating...but when you sweat everyday it is kinda gross. haha. We found out why we never had water...our neighbors moved out so the house is empty..but we share the same water tank. well they left the..we are going to call it faucet...on. so when there was water it was all coming out in their shower. our zone leaders had to climb the fence to the other house and shut it off. haha. now we have water. yay! 

So....the same day we moved houses about 30 minutes after the elders left...our district leader called us to tell us changes. He tells me to tell my companion to not unpack because she has changes. I didn`t believe him so I gave the phone to my companion. She only has 2 changes here. She couldn`t believe it and was sad. She then gave me the phone...he then goes...hermana chase are you ready? you are going to be training...what...I fell to the ground crying. I couldn`t even talk. I just cried. I had so many thoughts going through my head. I didn`t want to train. There had been a time when I had wanted to train. But I just felt so inadequate....not worthy to train. We both left the house for lunch crying. Me because I was going to train, and my companion because she was leaving. haha.

 So that day we said goodbye to people and got pizza and cheesecake together. Our mission leader told me that training was a privilege. I know, it is just that I wonder why me when at times I am unsure about myself. Part of me is happy that the Lord trusts me to train and the other part of me doesn`t feel worthy enough. 

So changes...I saw my companion who went home for her foot..hermana butler. she is back and had changes so that was nice to see her. So I went with another missionary who was going to be training and we went to introduce ourselves to the new missionaries...I felt like I knew who was going to be my companion when I hugged her. 

So they also announce the newbies first. The newbies stand up in front and all the missionaries training stand up in front. Then one by one they say who will be training who. I am training Hermana Eusebio from the Dominican Republic. She is 21, the oldest of 3 and the first to go on a mission. She is great. 

The assistants to president told us that it is more special to train in a small group...there are only 5 new girls. It is because it means out of all the sisters...we were chosen to train. When there is a bigger group there are more choices of sisters to train. 

So everything is new...we have a new schedule..we study more, and everything. I am a little lost...but thanks to the manual we have I am saved a bit. haha. We always do practices...and sometimes I feel unworthy to do them...I do it first then her...and she always goes...wow its a good thing we practice..haha. But I have realized that with some things I do she copies. So I have to be careful with what I do and say. 
The first day with her we taught a girl who is 12. We put a fecha (baptismal date) with her. She also went to church sunday! She was ready to go at 8 when we stopped by. She even knows 2 jovenes ( young people)in the church so that helps. 
We had a terrifying experience...so a convert has a HUGE dog. I mean HUGE! And it is always tied up. Well my other companion told me that one time she heard that their dog got loose. So I always had a bit of temor (means dread, or fear)  to go to the house but nothing ever happened. So we walk up to the house and doors are closed. My companion says nobody is home but the doors are always closed. so i go to knock and then she goes oh i hear people over there. She starts to walk over to the side and i yell no! that is where the dog is. Then boom she runs to me and the dog got loose and ran and we are standing by the door with our arms close to our chest not moving. She tells me to yell for the people but i said no because that could be dangerous. The dog ran to pee and then quickly the convert opened the door and we entered. Later when the mom managed to tie the dog up again...she told us she was glad nothing happened to us. She said one time it attacked a little kid and she had to pry it off the kid...I was thinking...then why do you have the dog? haha. But thanks to my heavenly father we were okay. 

So sunday mi hija (my daughter..referring to her new companion) put a fecha (baptismal date) with a joven! (young person)  Her first time! He accepted. So that was good. I Would have felt awful if he rejected for her first time. I don`t know why I am training still...but I am excited to find out why. I know I am not training to help her..I think I am training to help myself...not to sound prideful...but I think...I know that with every calling we have it is to learn and grow. 
I am grateful for this time I have in the mission and for the opportunity to have the gospel in my life. I love you all!! 

Hermana Chase