Tuesday, May 20, 2014

another week

Okay so this week…So I ended up going to Jinotepe to buy a new camera. A member came with us to show us where they soldcameras. They only had about 3 different types but the good thing is that now I have oneIt will take a bit of time to love itlike my other camera…but it will do for now.
ended up sending a video to my convert in Masaya. E____. The daughter of where we eat lunch here lives in Masaya and so she took it for me. I was so happyJ My plan is to make a video for each of my converts to give to them when I go. So theyhave a small video clip of me encouraging themHaha.
This week we had our weekly planning as a district in the churchThat way if we had questions our zone leaders were there tohelp usInstead of us having to call them.
So we took the advice of our zone leaders and went to visit d___but to teach her momWe got there and I asked the mom ifwe could share our message with her. She immediately said no. So I explained that we talked together and felt we should share the message with her so that she could know what we were teaching her daughter. She said no. So we asked if we could share something with D____. She said no. We just ended up sharing a message with her dad quickly and left. Now her mom doesnt want anything to do with us. And D___ doesnt want to go to church.
We had a reference from the elders and we found the house but she didnt live there. Instead there lives the patriarchs wife and grandson. We ended up having a really good lesson with her. She cried...she is less active for something that happened with husband. I wont say what...but she says that she knows the church is tue that she will never deny that. When she said that we must have had the wrong address my comp explained that no we didnt..that the lord wanted us to go visit her. And its true.
Also I am happy to announce that my convert M___ got the priesthood sunday!!! I was so happy! also S___, who was less active got the priesthood and is starting his mission papers. When we asked why he started to go to church and why he wants to go on a mission he said that I helped him a lot. haha. I always talk about the mission and I always tried to get him to go to church. I never thought he would go, but now he is active and going to all the activities. M___ I am a bit worried...he wanted to go play soccer after the second hour but I convinced him to stay to recieve the priesthood.
We also found a guy that had questions of the soul and I was so happy i was laughing. When he as asked why I was laughing I explained I was happy because it is very rare we find people like him with questions and a desire to know. The only bad thing is that he lives in the other área...but we happily took his direction (address) to give to the elders.
Anyway...It was a good week. Tomorrow we have a conference with other zones and president. Should be good. :)
Sorry I spent a lot of time trying to send pics...but it doesnt want to...so I cant write too much.
Love you all!!!
ps...I encourage all to go on the mission!!! ;)

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