Monday, May 5, 2014

moving day and new a trainer!

Hola friends and family,
Another week has gone by. How fast the time flies. Well...we had a FHE as a ward to say goodbye to elder willden...he finished his mission. While there my convert from la concha entered with her husband! Awww...! I was so happy to see her! I hadn`t seen her since I left La concha.
So we also changed houses this week. It was a bit of a hassle. The zone leaders, being men...didn`t think of everything. They didn`t call anyone with a car or anything to help us. They show up and do you have someone to help move? or how are we going to do this? A few other elders showed up to help. We ended up spending 1 hour trying to find someone to come help. Finally we got a member to come with his truck and we loaded up everything. The first day we had water...everything fine. One day we didn`t have anything...we have a tank outside so when there is water we fill it up so when we run out of water we have the backup...well we filled it up one night and in the morning we had i showered with a bottle of water. ya...then the next day no I went 2 days without showering...eew. it`s fine if you aren`t sweating...but when you sweat everyday it is kinda gross. haha. We found out why we never had water...our neighbors moved out so the house is empty..but we share the same water tank. well they left the..we are going to call it faucet...on. so when there was water it was all coming out in their shower. our zone leaders had to climb the fence to the other house and shut it off. haha. now we have water. yay! 

So....the same day we moved houses about 30 minutes after the elders left...our district leader called us to tell us changes. He tells me to tell my companion to not unpack because she has changes. I didn`t believe him so I gave the phone to my companion. She only has 2 changes here. She couldn`t believe it and was sad. She then gave me the phone...he then goes...hermana chase are you ready? you are going to be training...what...I fell to the ground crying. I couldn`t even talk. I just cried. I had so many thoughts going through my head. I didn`t want to train. There had been a time when I had wanted to train. But I just felt so inadequate....not worthy to train. We both left the house for lunch crying. Me because I was going to train, and my companion because she was leaving. haha.

 So that day we said goodbye to people and got pizza and cheesecake together. Our mission leader told me that training was a privilege. I know, it is just that I wonder why me when at times I am unsure about myself. Part of me is happy that the Lord trusts me to train and the other part of me doesn`t feel worthy enough. 

So changes...I saw my companion who went home for her foot..hermana butler. she is back and had changes so that was nice to see her. So I went with another missionary who was going to be training and we went to introduce ourselves to the new missionaries...I felt like I knew who was going to be my companion when I hugged her. 

So they also announce the newbies first. The newbies stand up in front and all the missionaries training stand up in front. Then one by one they say who will be training who. I am training Hermana Eusebio from the Dominican Republic. She is 21, the oldest of 3 and the first to go on a mission. She is great. 

The assistants to president told us that it is more special to train in a small group...there are only 5 new girls. It is because it means out of all the sisters...we were chosen to train. When there is a bigger group there are more choices of sisters to train. 

So everything is new...we have a new schedule..we study more, and everything. I am a little lost...but thanks to the manual we have I am saved a bit. haha. We always do practices...and sometimes I feel unworthy to do them...I do it first then her...and she always its a good thing we practice..haha. But I have realized that with some things I do she copies. So I have to be careful with what I do and say. 
The first day with her we taught a girl who is 12. We put a fecha (baptismal date) with her. She also went to church sunday! She was ready to go at 8 when we stopped by. She even knows 2 jovenes ( young people)in the church so that helps. 
We had a terrifying a convert has a HUGE dog. I mean HUGE! And it is always tied up. Well my other companion told me that one time she heard that their dog got loose. So I always had a bit of temor (means dread, or fear)  to go to the house but nothing ever happened. So we walk up to the house and doors are closed. My companion says nobody is home but the doors are always closed. so i go to knock and then she goes oh i hear people over there. She starts to walk over to the side and i yell no! that is where the dog is. Then boom she runs to me and the dog got loose and ran and we are standing by the door with our arms close to our chest not moving. She tells me to yell for the people but i said no because that could be dangerous. The dog ran to pee and then quickly the convert opened the door and we entered. Later when the mom managed to tie the dog up again...she told us she was glad nothing happened to us. She said one time it attacked a little kid and she had to pry it off the kid...I was thinking...then why do you have the dog? haha. But thanks to my heavenly father we were okay. 

So sunday mi hija (my daughter..referring to her new companion) put a fecha (baptismal date) with a joven! (young person)  Her first time! He accepted. So that was good. I Would have felt awful if he rejected for her first time. I don`t know why I am training still...but I am excited to find out why. I know I am not training to help her..I think I am training to help myself...not to sound prideful...but I think...I know that with every calling we have it is to learn and grow. 
I am grateful for this time I have in the mission and for the opportunity to have the gospel in my life. I love you all!! 

Hermana Chase

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