Tuesday, May 27, 2014

so little time

comments in parenthesis are moms interpretation)

Dear Family and Friends,
So I feel bad because I only have about 15 minutes to write you. We lost track of time and so we got back late. We were were with some members chilling and cooking food and then it started to rain so we waited a bit before we came back. 

So this week...I will just tell you the highlights. The less active who is now more active than less...blessed the sacrament sunday!!! He was there early and ready. He went by himself too because his brother had to go to another ward. His brother told me something nice. He told us that the missionaries visited his brother and he always said he would go to church, but never went. The old bishop even went to his house and the bishop is bien pilas.( a real go getter) But it wasn´t until we got there that por fin  (finally) he went to church. That we have helped him a lot. That makes me feel good. Sometimes I feel a bit bad that I  don’t ´t have baptisms, but when someone tells me I helped a member, or a less active change, I feel good. We had one investigator that finally came to church after a long time. And another less active.

Something that we have started to do is have FHE (family home evening)  with a family each night with the deal that they have to bring a non member. It is actually working. We had one, and we are having another one tonight.

Also my convert from la concha went to the temple today with the ward to do baptisms. Her first time!!! And in august she completes 1 year and can be sealed. 

So some funny things quickly....

We were walking on a dirt road...and the road was like i dont know how to explain it...like when you build a river for a sandcastle...so I went to cross it to be able to walk easier and slam...fell. the dirt wasn’t hard. So it went up to my knees. MY legs were black. haha. We were laughing so hard that my companion then peed her pants. So obviously we both had to go home to quickly rinse off. haha..

also...the ZL´s  (zone leaders) were with us to give a blessing to a  member...and there is always this little boy who yells names at us...mostly my companion because she is a darker color. Well our ZL didn´t like that and walked back but the boy ran off so he told the other boys to stop. Then we were walking by the park and the same thing happened...and he turns around and goes...no...not to the girls. haha. our ZL said it is a good thing I am not with you the whole day. haha. It was great.

We also went to teach our investigator, a joven.  (young person) well her 9 year old friend was there...and the first two times she was sweet and everything. this time she grabs her bible and says...i am going to teach you today. i am evangelica...what are you? who do you honor? joseph smith? what do you believe about sin? what happens to a person who isn’t baptized when they die? blah blah...had scriptures. my companion took out a scripture that killed her because you know she doesn’t read much but hears things. she kept looking at our investigator like say something. and she would be like, well a___ what do you think? but a___ never said anything. I think for this reason she hasn’t been going to church....sad.

there was only one day this week where i woke up and almost cried. Just thinking that my time is ending. It is mixed feelings. I cant wait to be home with my friends and family and things, but just thinking of leaving all these people breaks my heart. And I still have a lot of time left. I don’t know what I will do when it gets even closer. I just hope I die here in this area  (finish her mission in this area) becasue if not...i will die sooner. haha

I love this work, I love the gospel. I cant imagine my life without it. As we missionaries say...the mission is like a carmel candy. Its hard, but its sweet. :) I love you all!

Hermana Chase

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