Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2 baptisms and more scheduled!

So I had a great week!!! I have lots of good things to tell you. I have decided to leave out all the drama...who needs it right? ;)

So our investigator Nelson is drinking less coffee!!! wahoo!!

So I hit 15 months this week! wow...we were visiting some members and they asked me how much time I had left. My companion responded...12 weeks. I quickly blurted no....then I gasped...no!....I have 12 weeks left in the misión!!! crazy!!! Time flies so fast.

So Ar___ passed her interview!!! After 6 years of knowing the church and talking to missionaries she is finally getting baptized!!! So saturday we ended up talking to An__ becasue he was a bit nervous. We shared Doctrina y convenios 6:33. I think it helped him. So for the baptism..E___ and Ar__ got married...after being together for 14 years! Her kids didn´t want to come...so it was just her and her husband. I walked with her to the Font and she said...I think I am going to cry. I gave her a hug and she entered the water. After the baptism her husband told us that is how you do it! I want to be baptized saturday. We smiled so big and explained that we had to teach him first and he had to go to church. We couldn´t believe it! haha. We also baptized An__. He lives in the área of the elders, but we taught him more than the elders, so for me it counts as my baptism. haha. We were so happy to see him get baptized!!! thanks to us that found him..haha.

Sunday Ar__, her husband AND her two kids came to church! E__ her husband was in a white shirt. After the two hours they were walking like they were going to leave. I asked if they were going to stay the third hour. Aracelly wasn´t sure and her husband asks what it was like. I explained it, and he goes...let´s go and starts walking. haha. He loved the WHOLE thing!!! It was great! That night we visited them and instead of him running away like he did before, he quickly fixed the chairs, let us in and called his wife. He smiles more, and I just can´t believe it. It is not the same guy we knew before. We taught lesson 1 and everything was fine. Then a member showed up..so sweet and talked about the book of mormon and FHE. Then we put a fecha. Will you prepare to be baptized the 28th of this month? He quickly and happily said yes yes yes...as if obviously...are you stupid? haha. He goes, yes. Satruday. My companion goes yes, saturday...the 28th. haha. He also asked if his youngest who is 9 can be baptized. He wants his whole family. So we put fechas with his 2 kids also. Wow...I can´t believe it. He never went to church before because he thought we prayed to Joseph Smith. Now being in the church he knows the truth and loves it all! We are so happy! The Lord is blessing us so much! We had 5 people at church...5 people that are progressing! We are completing all the goals...this was my first time having 5 people at church...I know that these last 3 months will be the best!

We have two other Young kids that will be baptized this month. So we are excited! My companion and my DL told me that I found my family. Maybe they won´t get baptized the same time...but I believe Ar__ and E__ are my family I have been searching for.

I love this work. I love my heavenly Father will all my heart. I know he loves us. That he blesses us. I am grateful to know that I am a child of God.

I hope you all have the courage to open your mouths and share the gospel. :)

Hermana Chase

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