Tuesday, June 3, 2014

time is getting short

HOLA!!!! So today yes I have a longer letter prepared. haha. So we met with M___ our convert and brought him a strength of youth pamphlet. We talked about the sabbath day because he wasn´t at church. He said he was helping his mom and when he finished it was 9:30 and so by the time he would have gotten at church it would have been 10... I was like are you kidding me?! that is why you didn't go...although I will explain later on why he really didn't go.

We visited S___ and read from Preach my góspel and gave him the purpose to study. We also called the elders and set up a day for S____ to leave with the elders.

We had a family home evening with Aracely and some members where we watched finding faith in christ. It is a good movie.

We also have like FHE at church on wednesdays...S____ brought his two non member friends...j__ c___ and N___!!! We taught them quickly before the meeting started. Also the same night M___ told me he had something to tell us about the church but that he would wait until we visited him on friday... so of course that made me nervous the whole time.

In our zone meeting the zone leaders and us sang Tengo Gozo en mi Alma Hoy. It is a song that we are going to sing for mothers day here. We also practiced putting a baptism date with someone who comes to church. So if we are at church and see someone we don´t know....we have to talk to them...if they live in our área we ask if we can talk to them for 5 minutes before the class. We tell them our purpose and put a baptism date there and then. A new thing they want us to do.

So I also got mail this week! Thank you bryan and Laurie for the package!!! nutella!!! I got beccas graduation invitation, and the card from grandpa and grandma chase with plan of salvation cards. I also got what is called trunky papers....its my papers to fill out my flight to go home...NOOOO it is all so real! haha.I told my zone leader I didn´t want it, but I had to take it. haha

So friday M___ wasn´t home so I was bummed. I had a dream...a bad dream...That I had changes, (transfers) but that I went somewhere where my mom (trainer) was there. I was crying hard because I didn´t want to be there. I didn´t even pack everything because I didn´t believe I really had changes. (transfers) I left my shoes, and everything that was on my desk. I was crying because I didn´t get to talk to M___ and so I never knew what he was going through...what his problem was. I  woke up from my dream feeling awful... awful... if that is how i am going to feel when i go home...i do not want to go home.....it was the worst feeling ever. the WORST.

So we have a family who now gives us dinner each night..I am getting fatter now. We eat at 8:30pm so we go to bed after...so freak...I am getting so fat now...this is not what i wanted. But the food is so good. haha.

So we had a good experience with the family that we eat lunch with. I had chosen a scripture during my studies to share with them. When we got there I asked how they were doing. The mom said mas o menos  (so so) because her grandpa passed away recently and it was around mothers day. I shared doctrine and covenants 58:2-4 that says ,.....
 2 For verily I say unto you, blessed is he that keepeth my commandments, whether in life or in death; and he that is faithful in tribulation, the reward of the same is greater in the kingdom of heaven.
 3 Ye cannot behold with your natural eyes, for the present time, the design of your God concerning those things which shall come hereafter, and the glory which shall follow after much tribulation.
 4 For after much tribulation come the blessings. Wherefore the day cometh that ye shall be crowned with much glory; the hour is not yet, but is nigh at hand.

So I explained that we all have trials and hardships but when we are faithful we receive blessings. That many times with our natural eyes we cannot see the future and what lies ahead. The blessings that will come. But that after the trials come the blessings, especially in the life after this life. The daughter started to cry and thanked us because when her great grandma died she felt as though she forgot everything she had ever learned and started to ask why...but that this was an answer to her question. I then thanked her because I feel at times I study and study but am not guided by the spirit. But that day was evidence that I do listen to the spirit.

So we taught a guy the other day who runs marathons. He ran one in long beach california. He is going to run another one there in october. haha. Pretty cool.

So S____ worked with the elders on saturday and is going to go again on wednesday. We also had a mothers day activity on saturday. a talent show. we sang. people danced. It was good. the Young adults danced to grease, and ricki sang in english. So S____ told us M___ doesnt want to go to church on sunday...i am a bit worried.
So sunday S___ brought his two friends...who also have a baptism date...A___ came, a___, and m___. It was a good turnout. the elders brought a half drunk to church. When i shook his hand he kissed my hand. Then later he blew me a kiss in sacrament. Elder mann just laughed. Then later he saw I had chocolate and so when I gave him one I went to walk away and he kissed my shoulder. haha. So S___ shared his testimony at church for the first time in his life. you could tell he was so nervous but he did a great job.

So we had looked through our área book and found a family that we decided to visit. We found the wife and we talked to her. She explained when the sisters came the first time her husband and her almost were about to separate...then things were fine and then now they are thinking about it again...and we show up. she said she doesn´t think it is a coincidence. we explained that no. haha. I asked if the sisters had invited her to be baptized. she said that yes, but that when one of them left to go home, they stopped coming so she never was baptized. so i easily jumped on board and invited her to baptized and she accepted. she even remembered we had fhe on wednesday and said she is going to go. the Lord is helping us a lot these days.

So we finally found M___. He told us he felt bad because he isn´t Reading the scriptures and would rather play soccer then go to church and read. And he feels bad for that and feels bad every time we visit and he tells us he didn´t read. He said also for that reason he hasn´t been to church. He told us he had a dream that he was standing there, and there was hermana Eusebio and me.... he said hermanana Eusebio started to walk towards him and i was farther away but motioned to him to come here. he said he hid from us because he felt like we had something bad to tell him...like as if one of us was going to have changes....i cried. literally I cried. we explained that I had a dream the same night and that it was that I had changes....

Later on that day we saw the church open and so we went in to use the bathroom. We saw S___ and told him that we needed him to help M___ so that he is more involved in church activities. We also told r___ the same thing. Then r___ starts to talk to me in english...he says look...there are members talking about you and your companion. That you are always looking for S___ and m___ and are always at the church when they are there. I explained to r___  it is becasue we are teaching 2 of their friends and they tell us when they are going to be at church to teach them. He said he knows, but that the members are planning on talking to our bishop and misión president.  So my poor companion is freaked out...she has 1 month in the misisón and has been robbed and has had gossip spread. haha. So we called j__ c__, s__'s brother who helps us a lot. we explained what happened and he said not to worry that he will help us and talk to the members. So that same night we went to eat with the family who gives us dinner...and bishop and his wife were there. We freaked and just said we passed by to say hi and left. Later we called them and apologized. The hermana knew we couldn´t leave our house so at 9:20 at night her and her husband brought us dinner. tan lindo ellos. (they are so lovely, or in other words, lovely people)

I feel the lord is blessing us with success now. We pretty much have baptisms scheduled for every week this month. My only fear is that I will leave before I baptize them all. I love this work, I love the people. I don´t know what I will do when time gets closer cuz I start to cry now just thinking of how Little time I have left. I might not be the best missionary. I might not teach that great, but the work is amazing. I love my savior. I love my heavenly Father. And I am grateful for each and every one of the blessings my God has given me.

Hermana Chase

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