Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Transfers, but I'm staying (yeah)

Hola a Todos! (hello everyone)

Another week has flown by. Each week passes faster and faster. I don´t know how it is possible. 

This week we taught E___ the word of wisdom...we gave him the pamphlet to read and as he was reading the list of things we shouldn´t use, he said...alcohol...nope I don´t drink. Coffee...I don´t like...tobacco...nope. etc...without us even asking he said he didn´t have a problem with any of these things. I was so happy. This guy really isn´t the same guy. His wife who got baptized said that saturday night he is always anxious and gets his clothes and shoes ready for church the next day. haha

So It was a members bday this week. We called him in the morning and sang happy birthday in english. He speaks english. We brought him a tiny slice of cake, with a book in english and a card. It was fun. haha

So changes....we didn´t have changes! wahoo!!! I am still in san marcos! We do have a new zone leader and a newbie. The zone leaders are in a trio. So....the new zone leader is from el salvador and has like 18 months. The other is elder hinojosa from california...first week here. yikes. haha. 

Oh dad and the package with the bracelet and necklace...thank you!!! I apologize to those who have written me letters lately...I have been a bit lazy to write people. but I appreciate every letter I get. 

So Friday we had divisions with the hermana leaders. I was with my old companion HERMANA SANTOS!!! I was so happy! She was my favorite companion. And we only had 1 change together. So after our district meeting I went with hermana eusebio to get our clean clothes. I asked if we could pass by a less active joven....even though we had him planned at 2pm. We went and he immediately started to cry. He said he didn´t want to be there, he didn´t want to eat, he didn´t want to keep going...that he is having problems in his family...etc. We offered a prayer, we read some scriptures and then I asked if he had ever gotten a blessing before and I asked if he wanted one. We called the elders and then we came back to give him a blessing. Poor guy. He is the only member in his family. He was dealt in some bad things which is why he went inactive for a time. Now he is going to church. When we left his house my companion did you know? How do you do it? God knew that we needed to go there in that moment... I told her I didn´t know. That I just thought it would be easier for our schedule to pass by at the moment...but I guess that is how the spirit works sometimes right? 

So Hermana Santos and I visited our investigator in Los campos. She asks m__ and s__...which one of you are going to baptize him? I didn´t even think of that...that would be awesome if S___ could baptize his get a taste of what it is like in the mission. 

We got M___ to open up a bit more with hermana santos. She says she
 doesn´t think she can change. She wants to, but doesn´t think she can. 

So Hermana santos helped me make a list of things to do with my companion. Things I need to do better. My comp has to contact 10 people each day, has to plan every other day, and has to start teaching every other lesson. She told me if she doesnt contact those 10...I cannot. That we will finish with 10 less. That if she doesnt´ start a lesson, tell the investigator that we have to go. So far she has been good. When we planned it took forever because I was waiting for her to start...but she will get used to it. 

So this week we have found new people. Some references from the elders, some from the area book...etc. I have realized this week...and I can testify with my whole heart that...

                         GOD REALLY IS A GOD OF MIRACLES. 

That is what I have learned here. Thank you all for your support. Thank you for your love. For your prayers. I tell myself everyday I don´t know how I do this. How I walk so much, how I teach, how I understand the people, how I deal with everything. But I know it is because of your prayers, and because of my loving heavenly father who loves his children. I love you all!

Hermana Chase

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