Sunday, June 29, 2014

ups and downs in the field

Okay, so another week has gone by. I can`t believe it. Every week just
flies by now.

So we have an appointment to eat dinner every night with a family. Well, one
day we decided to teach them the sabbath day and word of wisdom
because they buy on sunday and also drink cold tea. We did it to help
them because their goal is to go to the temple to be sealed. They
thanked us and told us they were grateful for our help.

So we had a bad meeting with our convert k___. We got to her house
and her sister let us in...they were laughing a little too much and a
bit weird. We sat down with their friend and waited for them. They
were in the kitchen. My first thought was Oh no...they are drinking. I
was a bit worried. They came and sat down and then continued laughing.
They said some things in other languages that I didn`t understand. I
was almost at the point to just leave..but I asked k___ if she could
do the prayer. She laughed and laughed and after some time she finally
said it. We tried to teach a bit..but it was hard. When finally
someone knocked at the door. K___ left to see it who it was. It was
her guy friend. She comes back grabs her keys and waves goodbye. She
says she has to go. I ask if she can wait 5 minutes because we were
finishing up. She said no because it was something she had to do for
her dad a while ago but didnt do it...I asked her what was more
important. her boy friend or this...she said he wasn`t her boy friend, and then went to talk to him for a few minutes. Then she called her sister out...then
her sister came back and we decided to finish with a prayer. When we
were praying, k____ came in and then left with the guy...After the
lesson my companion told me what they said in the other language...and it
was not good. They were saying things about us.

So...the next day we visited k____ again. She apologized...and we
asked her if she was going to go sunday at church..she hasn`t been in
2 weeks and hasn`t gone to the activities either. She said
maybe...then she told us she wasn`t going to go to church anymore.
That she was going to study more...that she doesn`t feel comfortable
there. So my thought is she broke a commandment. My companion and I both
cried a bit. I just felt so helpless in this moment. She told us she
wouldnt tell us why...that she would keep it to herself...but maybe
one day she would tell us why. It is heartbreaking to see someone you
love fall away...and without knowing why or how you can help. We are
planning on going again to try to see if she did break a commandment.
she needs to understand that if she did she needs to repent, and go to

so we taught erick about following the prophet. we showed the photos
from conference. He starts reading the names with the photos and
goes.. L tom perry...I have heard him speak...he is really good. they
all speak direct. what?! turns out they have the cable for this and he
has heard them speak!!! hhaha!!!

so we found a new joven (young adult) who has potential. Didnt want to accept
fecha yet  (baptismal date) because he admitted he smokes and drinks...we explained that the change won`t happen in one night. it will take time...but i can see him getting baptized in time.

so i have gained weight.  so for dinner i asked the family to give me
little. so they give me avena (a drink), with a tortilla, or papas....(potatoes)

At church...e___ and his family didn`t come...his wife was in the now they will have to wait until the next week to be
baptized. But we still have another joven  (young person) that should be baptized this week.. We had a less active at church with his son who has only been
once in my time here!!! also...stanley started his mission papers with
bishop and should be sending them in next month!!! i am so happy!!!
also visited our convert angel. I asked personal questions...and he
shared his testimony that he has read up to 2 nephi 2 and knows it is
true. It is really special to see people progressing. ;)

I love you all! I thank you for love and support. Please feed the
missionaries everytime they pass by your house. A cracker, a
drink...anything! They need it. And give them references. LOTS!

Hermana Chase

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