Monday, July 28, 2014

sleep walking companion

(mom’s translations) (I love the last paragraph of this letter.)

Hello! last change...(transfer) 5 weeks left. I can`t believe it. The time goes so fast. 
So I didn`t have changes. (transfers)..I am still in san marcos!!! But my hija (the companion she trained) had changes. She is in my old area en masaya!!! She has talked to some of my converts!!! 

My new companion is Hermana O__ from Honduras. She just turned 19 and has 6 months in the mission. This is her second area. She teaches really well. There is just one problem. I can`t sleep!!! haha. She talks in her sleep every night! She says she only does it when she is tired...but it is every night. The first night she gave me a heart attack. She walked in her sleep. We sleep in a bunk bed..I am on top. well she got up and just stood there facing me. I freaked. Then she climbed back in. When she talks it isn`t like she moves and talks loud. Every night I get freaked out. I am scared of people who sleep walk. SO I have been sleeping with my glasses and the phone in my hand for light. ya...last night she yells, hermana. I knew she was sleeping. But when she yelled hermana again i thought maybe she was awake and needed something. SO I go, si? silence. and then she says, BOO. okay...freaked me out. One hour later. Hermana. are you hard asleep? I don`t know what I am going to do. I can`t sleep at night. I see the hours passing each night. I always tell her its not a big deal. I laugh with her after...but she has no idea the horror in the moment...haha. Also she was in managua where it was hot so she is always we don`t use the fan. I sweat so much in the night plus i have nerves for her sleep talking...i am going to loose weight. haha. 

A member had a dream about me crying..but crying like super hard. he thought that was super weird. I told him to just wait because in 5 weeks his dream will come true haha. 

So the good things...hah

1. E__ who got baptized...prayed with us for the FIRST TIME!!!

2. M___ had lied one day and had smoked and drank for the whole day. He felt bad and decided to never do it again. That he wants to reach his baptism goal. Now he has 1 week without drinking or smoking!!! He says people offer him but he just says no!!!!

3. We found my convert k__. She let us in! When we left she hugged me and told me thank you for coming. ;)

4. F___...he came to church for the first hour! Even though our last lesson with him was a bit hard. He made a comment to my companion that she is hard. harder than my other companion. That hurt my comanion and she cried after the lesson. This is her first change and she is struggling a bit. 

5. There is a guy who is muso (a real flirt) ..his dad was a member...ya muriĆ². (he has passed away already)  he wants to know about the church. Well this time when I went with my new comp he was total muso! (flirty) wanted to know when  I would go back to the states...he lives there. obviously i didn`t tell him.  I said i had a bit more than 1 year here. he wanted to know my name. he said he would go to church if i passed by for him. (came to get him) in his PRAYER he asked that one day I would tell him my name. he even wanted me to write something in his book of mormon. we will see what  happens. I just ignore the comments. and when he refers to me, i respond with comp and i. 

6. so m___...he has read up to 1 nephi 4!!! he goes to our baptisms...and the activities wednesday. he didn`t want to go to sunday but he went!!! his prayers are really good now too!!!! 

7. y___ prayed for the FIRST time with us before his baptism!!! I started to cry. I don`t know why. I think because it is my first family...and to see him progress.. 

8. y___ got baptized!!! my FIRST FAMILY!!! wahoo!!!! It was so great to see them there together!!! 

9. Fe___ is excited for his baptism saturday! He is reading all the assignments we leave!  (they have had a baptism every Saturday in July)

I am so glad for this work. how sad if there aren`t missionaries to share the gospel with these sweet people. I love this work. My heart hurts to know that one day soon I will be leaving it. This is my life. Even though ya (already) part of me wants to be in my old life...the other half of me wants to stay here forever doing this. talking and visiting with these people i love. in the beginning of your mission one thinks it will never come to an here i am. my last 5 weeks...having interviews, pulling out papers to get ready to go Mixed feelings. It is hard. 

I love you all. and appreciate you all. I read something interesting in the liahona. the gospel and the church are 2 things different. we NEED the church to help us LIVE the gospel. one can be active in the church but not in the gospel. may we all evaluate our lives...are we just going to church and all the activities or are we actually LIVING the gospel.

Hermana chase

Monday, July 21, 2014

God continues to bless us

Hello family and friends...
Well I am sad to say that today is my first day of my last change.  (transfer)  It all doesn´t seem real to me. 

As far as this week...
On Tuesday we had a lesson with m__. Our appointment was at 7 but we got there at 7;20.  He was sitting outside on a rock...a bit sad. We talked and he explained that he was having problems with his family. That if we had gotten there just 5 minutes later he would have been out drinking. He said there had been a time when his family made him sleep outside. that about 2 weeks ago was the last time he cut himself...badly. He cried a bit. we told him we loved him. That God loved him. I even cried. we asked if he wanted to do the prayer. He didn´t feel good to do it. But then he asked if one of us could do the prayer...and he repeats. After, we talked a bit more and he laughed a bit. The part that hurts the see someone so special that doesn´t understand how special they hurts to see him like this. He doesn’t realize he is a good person with a lot of potential. God loves him. We love him. We told him he could call us when he needs help. 

God continues to bless us. 

Wednesday we were looking for a contact and we contacted a man asking for a direction. (address) He mentioned something about why there are so many we taught lesson 1. We invited him to the FHE at the church and he said he would try to go and if not he would go at least to say hi. 

E__ passed his baptism interview and did the pray with elder chicas!  His wife said on the way home he cried and said that the felt something in the interview. ;) M__ came to the FHE and we gave him a gift to remind him of his potential. When we were leaving, the man we invited came! he told us sorry and that he had just gotten off work but that he had made a commitment with he came. 

God continues to bless us.

thursday. We visited m____. He was happy. We told him that he can´t smoke at all now in order to be baptized 2 de augusto.  (august 2nd) We told him we loved him and that we know he can do it. That we have faith. He agreed to try it. 

God continues to bless us. 

Friday. ¨one cannot begin to explain the joy that comes from serving a mission and helping people change their lives and come to christ. It is not possible. But I can testify that God is helping us in this work. that even in todays time he works miracles. his power is real.´  -journal

Y____ had his interview...he drank coffee so he will get baptized the next week. but that just means we will have a baptism each week! 

Another lesson with m___. Wow. we asked if he had smoked. He said only half of one. he said he felt like he wanted to throw up. I cried. I remember in the preach my gospel videos that happened to a man...we explained that we prayed for him each day and each night...and this was God´s way of helping him to stop smoking. God answered our prayer. He told us he called his mom and told her he was going to our church. He thought she would be mad. She lives in another area. But she cried with joy. She was happy because he was leaving the alcohol and smoking and was in the things of God. 

´I always knew that the church was true. That God works miracles. But now I KNOW that God is a God of miracles...´ 

God continues to bless us.

Saturday.E____ baptism!!! My first family...well we need the other son to get baptized...but the parents ya (already) are baptized!!! The first for my hija also! I love this work! I love my savior who helps me each day!

God continues to bless us. 

Sunday. M___ and F___ came to church.  E___ got the gift of the holy ghost and the aaronic priesthood! Bishop wants him to baptize his other son on saturday!!!

God continues to bless us.

today...we called m___ to check how he is doing. He smoked 1 yesterday. We are hoping he comes tonight to FHE so we can talk to him about that. 

Well tomorrow we will know if i have changes (transfers) or not. I hope not. There are people here that need me. But if God needs me in another area, ´i will go and do what the lord commands´.  

May God bless you all

Hermana Chase

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So many blessings


I can´t believe another week has gone by! This is our last week of this change. The next martes  (tuesday) we will know if I have changes. I pray in my heart that I won´t have changes. I will confess to you something that has been happening in these 2 changes. We have been praying, my hija and I, to find these people that are prepared. And the Lord keeps surprising me by putting these people in my path! Really. In this letter you will read about those who the Lord Himself is preparing. I feel immensely blessed to be a part of this great work. 

So our investigator M_ A_...before we met him he was smoking 1 pack a day, drinking 5-6 times in the week, and drinking coffee every day in the morning and at night. When we met him he was drinking about 1-2 times a week, smoking about 6 cigarettes a day, and coffee....I am pleased to say that in this week he has stopped drinking alcohol, and coffee and only smokes 1 or 2 a day! Also he told us he has seen some of the apostles talk on tv..and he likes the messages! 

We had a baptism this week!!!! ;) A_!!! She was so nervous and S_, the less active who is now preparing for the mission baptized her. He was excited and nervous also. He had just gotten back that day from serving a mini mission for 5 days in managua with an elder, so he was still on that spiritual high. haha. 
Sunday she came to church and recieved the gift of the holy ghost. :)

Sunday it rained...and that did not help our investigators. The last week we had 7 that came to church...this sunday..1. We had 0....Ar_ came to church but without her family! Her son had to come to get baptized this next week! When I asked why she said they wanted to sleep and she couldn´t make them. I told her I wouldn´t be here for their baptism then. After the first hour we left and ran to their house. We found the oldest outside and we told him, lets go to church! He went in to get his shoes and his younger brother came out...who already got baptized. He came too! So this saturday I will baptize my first complete family!

A_ who got baptized...we visited her BF, and he has visited the church before....he is interested and they want to get married. With his work schedule it is a bit difficult...but God loves us and it worked out exactly and we put a fecha (baptismal date) on the last day he has free before he has to work. she wants me to baptize her BF before I go. haha. she said she will write in my notebook but is sad that I have to go...that she loves me and that the time went by too fast.

 God is helping us everyday find these people that are prepared. I can´t believe it. Or maybe I just didn´t see it before...or didn´t try as hard. But every day the Lord is giving us these people who are progressing and ready. I pray to God that I stay in this area. I have come close to many people, and have found so many good people are willing and wanting to change..

This work is the best thing I have done in my life. I am grateful for my heavenly father...for the exact moment when he changed the ages to go on a mission. If he hadn´t changed the ages I don´t think I would have served a mission. But God knows everything. 

I am loving this work. I am sorry if I don´t have much to say.  PLEASE TAKE EVERY MOMENT YOU HAVE TO SHARE THE GOSPEL. You will be surprised at the people the Lord is preparing. 

I love you all! 


Monday, July 14, 2014

Members get to the temple!

Hola!!! How fast time flies..This week I completed 16 months in the mission...I can hardly believe it. We are now in week 5 of 6 weeks...and then I have another 6 weeks and I am home...
So I had another bad experience with my camara. I lent my camara to a member for her daughters bday...when I went back to get it...someone had deleted all the photos I had taken since I bought the new camara...the only difference is this time I didn´t cry. My companion told me she doesn´t know how I did it because I told the member not to worry about it, that it was okay...all calm. My companion was a bit more upset. haha. I told her...bueno...I think there is something God wants me to learn that I didn´t learn the first time. haha.
So we had a hard talk with M___ who plays soccer sometimes instead of going to church. He was taken back a bit...a bit hurt. Because we said he must love God (because he keeps putting soccer first.) Wednesday night he came to the meeting and said...hermanas, I have been thinking a lot of what you said..and it is right. I can´t put soccer first. :) yahoo!!!
We visited a less active joven...S____. We thought at first he was drunk because he was really happy... but it turns out he was happy because he was more involved in church. The bishop gave him a triple and he is leaving with the other young adults to do visits. It was so good to see him happy and involved.
It is funny because our investigator A____ is telling her member friends to be an example to her because it is her that is learning. When a sister walked in adaluz goes, hermana how are you?! I haven´t seen you in a long time....why haven´t you come to church? I have been here every week....haha. she isn´t even a member and is animating the members. I love it. she is about 28 years old.
We visited some converts and the mom was cooking bread. This is one thing I love here. the bread! There is bread simple and bread dulce. She cooked it in like a cement house outside. In 5 minutes the bread was done! She gave us each 2. So good!
So after our district meeting, D___ and A___ had their interview. Derick left the interview, went to his mom and goes...I did it. I heard and so i did the prayer? he said yes. We shouted for joy!!! he never prayed really with us. he always was nervous and laughed. Adaluz...bueno she drank coffee once on she can get baptized any day starting tomorrow :)
So I am having the members sign in my notebook...we don´t know if I will be here my last change...there are only this week and one more and then changes...
So we had problems with E___. The husband of aracelly...some neighbors are saying things and he backed away a bit. I was sad...but we finally found him and he said he will get baptized with his other son on the week later. I was okay with that because at least he will still do it.
So saturday was D____ BAPTISM!!! It was so beautiful! A___ came...and she cried. It was really good. Apparently he told his I am now a member of the church of jesus christ. I felt the spirit...and tears left my eyes. He is so sweet. so innocent.
Sunday was a record! We had 7 at church. N___ who hadn´t come in a long time for the reason of a member showed up! A___ brought her cousin! we had invited him but he left to his moms house. A____ said he came back because we invited him to church! It was great! I know it was a miracle thanks to our fast.
So this week the members left for the temple to honduras. 15 from our ward. 3 families are getting sealed. one whose husband ya  (already) passed away. I am so happy for those who left today.
Bueno...I love this work. We have baptisms for this month. I think about 4 maybe 5. The most I will ever have in one area. I hope president doesn´t change me. We have 2 weeks left and then changes. I know this church is true and I am so grateful for this time I have to share it with others.
Hermana Chase

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A tale of two drunks

So tuesday my companion and I put together an activity for the young kids and for our investigators. 

So we called our investigator miguel to see if was going to go. He said he was waiting for our call..and asked if we would wait for him outside the church. We told him yes...but then thought it would be better if we went by his house. so we called back and asked if he wanted us to pass by. We passed by and he was all ready to go. ;) we walked together to the activity...his first time in the church. 
We had 25 jovenes in the activity! 
There are 4 jovenes preparing for missions so we had each of them prepare a 5 minute lesson. we had them separate in 4 groups and each one taught each group for 5 minutes..rotating. Afterwards we played musical chairs and then the game where you tie a balloon to your foot and have to pop them. everyone was laughing running around. It was good. we had 2 investigators there. ;) 

We found out that the reason one of our investigators stopped going to church is because of a that made us sad and mad. 

So someone in los campos passed away...and a few days later I realized I knew who it was. I had taught them about 3 times briefly. He was drunk and his bike went off a cliff. really sad.

so there is this drunk guy that we always find. he had gone to church one time. well the other day he finds us and asks if we have 2 pesos...we told him no so he says...well give me 2 besos..or kisses. we said we were late...that we were he goes...i want to work with you guys...ya...we don`t have much luck. another time we were teaching someone outside their house but behind a gate. he found us came up to the gate and yells...elder. elder- and waves. 

so those who are training had a meeting with president. We woke up at 5 in the morning to go to managua. He checked to see if my hija ( daughter - term used for a new missionary being trained.) was on track and then we did practices. So...he said that sometimes in the mission the spirit talks to contact a house...and we ignore it because there is a huge dog. so the spirit then talks to our companion. I didn`t think much of it until later. We visited a less active family. I told my comp she could share the message. She didn`t know what to share. Well I took out a scripture in 3 nephi 14. after the lesson my comp told me that what our president said was true. because she was thinking of helaman 5.12 but wasn`t sure. so then i took out a scripture with the same topic. She goes, the spirit really does talk to our comp when we dont listen. haha. 

The other good part of this meeting...we got mcdonalds!!! that kept me going for like 2 days but now i am back to loathing rice and beans. haha. 

So i helped a joven here apply for BYUI haha. he plans on going in the fall. that would be so cool to be able to see him there. 

So we never found j__  this week. He was supposed to  be baptized saturday. We ended up talking to him on sunday at church. I apologized if he felt pressured to get baptized...he told me that he just wants to learn more and that when he is ready he will do it. but he said of course we could still visit him. he has like 5 times in church now. 

So I got a package from dad. candy...mmm...haha. 

So we had 2 days of hardness. people rejecting us, appointments falling..not meeting goals...God was testing our faith. then we started to have success again. We went to contact a family we found in the park. They weren`t home but their daughter was home. we talked with her and she accepted a fecha. (baptism date)

We taught m____A_____l. He read the whole lesson 1 folleto of the restauration! (pamphlet on the restoration) and remembered most of it. We taught lesson 1 and then left a book of mormon. he chose the question, what does christ wish of me? He told us he smokes a pack a day, and drinks 4 or 5 times a the next lesson will be the word of wisdom. so we invited him to church but said he had to work..its a free day but if he works he gets paid instead of 500 he would get 1000. we talked and the member said she could pass by for him sunday. he then took out his phone and sent a message saying he couldn`t go to work because he was going to church. wow...he turned down 1000 cordobas...So then we were talking outside of his house...we taught him outside in the street....a lady who we had contacted about 3 weeks ago came up to us...she went to my companion and started could barely hear her...apparently she was drunk...but i didn`t know..i thought she just had problems...well we talked like normal..asked where she lived...blah blah...when it was time to go...she gave a kiss to my comp on her cheek and apparently her neck...then she came to me...and i didnt really know what she did to my comp---or well i don`t remember because i am a bit scarred...she kissed my cheek then like 4 times on my neck...then i pulled her away and she went to go on my other side or my mouth...i am not really sure...and i had to pull her away. then i was so embarrassed so i said and her? pointing to our member. she goes to the member but she was strong and she only kissed her cheek. Wow...m___ was laughing so hard. when we called our district leader that night we joked that we broke the law of chastity...but wow..that should only be done with your boyfriend or husband. what can i say...the drunks love us here....

so there is a boy here named nephi!!! crazy right?! 
so i am trying to study spanish grammer...a member is helping me...and i am going to ask a member who is a teacher to explain it to me. it clicked a bit today...but it is still hard. 

anyway...even though we have hard days the Lord never leaves us alone. there is always something good to look for. I love you all! 

Hermana Chase