Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A tale of two drunks

So tuesday my companion and I put together an activity for the young kids and for our investigators. 

So we called our investigator miguel to see if was going to go. He said he was waiting for our call..and asked if we would wait for him outside the church. We told him yes...but then thought it would be better if we went by his house. so we called back and asked if he wanted us to pass by. We passed by and he was all ready to go. ;) we walked together to the activity...his first time in the church. 
We had 25 jovenes in the activity! 
There are 4 jovenes preparing for missions so we had each of them prepare a 5 minute lesson. we had them separate in 4 groups and each one taught each group for 5 minutes..rotating. Afterwards we played musical chairs and then the game where you tie a balloon to your foot and have to pop them. everyone was laughing running around. It was good. we had 2 investigators there. ;) 

We found out that the reason one of our investigators stopped going to church is because of a member...so that made us sad and mad. 

So someone in los campos passed away...and a few days later I realized I knew who it was. I had taught them about 3 times briefly. He was drunk and his bike went off a cliff. really sad.

so there is this drunk guy that we always find. he had gone to church one time. well the other day he finds us and asks if we have 2 pesos...we told him no so he says...well give me 2 besos..or kisses. we said we were late...that we were working...so he goes...i want to work with you guys...ya...we don`t have much luck. another time we were teaching someone outside their house but behind a gate. he found us came up to the gate and yells...elder. elder- and waves. 

so those who are training had a meeting with president. We woke up at 5 in the morning to go to managua. He checked to see if my hija ( daughter - term used for a new missionary being trained.) was on track and then we did practices. So...he said that sometimes in the mission the spirit talks to us...to contact a house...and we ignore it because there is a huge dog. so the spirit then talks to our companion. I didn`t think much of it until later. We visited a less active family. I told my comp she could share the message. She didn`t know what to share. Well I took out a scripture in 3 nephi 14. after the lesson my comp told me that what our president said was true. because she was thinking of helaman 5.12 but wasn`t sure. so then i took out a scripture with the same topic. She goes, the spirit really does talk to our comp when we dont listen. haha. 

The other good part of this meeting...we got mcdonalds!!! that kept me going for like 2 days but now i am back to loathing rice and beans. haha. 

So i helped a joven here apply for BYUI haha. he plans on going in the fall. that would be so cool to be able to see him there. 

So we never found j__  this week. He was supposed to  be baptized saturday. We ended up talking to him on sunday at church. I apologized if he felt pressured to get baptized...he told me that he just wants to learn more and that when he is ready he will do it. but he said of course we could still visit him. he has like 5 times in church now. 

So I got a package from dad. candy...mmm...haha. 

So we had 2 days of hardness. people rejecting us, appointments falling..not meeting goals...God was testing our faith. then we started to have success again. We went to contact a family we found in the park. They weren`t home but their daughter was home. we talked with her and she accepted a fecha. (baptism date)

We taught m____A_____l. He read the whole lesson 1 folleto of the restauration! (pamphlet on the restoration) and remembered most of it. We taught lesson 1 and then left a book of mormon. he chose the question, what does christ wish of me? He told us he smokes a pack a day, and drinks 4 or 5 times a week..so the next lesson will be the word of wisdom. so we invited him to church but said he had to work..its a free day but if he works he gets paid double...so instead of 500 he would get 1000. we talked and the member said she could pass by for him sunday. he then took out his phone and sent a message saying he couldn`t go to work because he was going to church. wow...he turned down 1000 cordobas...So then we were talking outside of his house...we taught him outside in the street....a lady who we had contacted about 3 weeks ago came up to us...she went to my companion and started talking...you could barely hear her...apparently she was drunk...but i didn`t know..i thought she just had problems...well we talked like normal..asked where she lived...blah blah...when it was time to go...she gave a kiss to my comp on her cheek and apparently her neck...then she came to me...and i didnt really know what she did to my comp---or well i don`t remember because i am a bit scarred...she kissed my cheek then like 4 times on my neck...then i pulled her away and she went to go on my other side or my mouth...i am not really sure...and i had to pull her away. then i was so embarrassed so i said and her? pointing to our member. she goes to the member but she was strong and she only kissed her cheek. Wow...m___ was laughing so hard. when we called our district leader that night we joked that we broke the law of chastity...but wow..that should only be done with your boyfriend or husband. what can i say...the drunks love us here....

so there is a boy here named nephi!!! crazy right?! 
so i am trying to study spanish grammer...a member is helping me...and i am going to ask a member who is a teacher to explain it to me. it clicked a bit today...but it is still hard. 

anyway...even though we have hard days the Lord never leaves us alone. there is always something good to look for. I love you all! 

Hermana Chase

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