Monday, July 21, 2014

God continues to bless us

Hello family and friends...
Well I am sad to say that today is my first day of my last change.  (transfer)  It all doesn´t seem real to me. 

As far as this week...
On Tuesday we had a lesson with m__. Our appointment was at 7 but we got there at 7;20.  He was sitting outside on a rock...a bit sad. We talked and he explained that he was having problems with his family. That if we had gotten there just 5 minutes later he would have been out drinking. He said there had been a time when his family made him sleep outside. that about 2 weeks ago was the last time he cut himself...badly. He cried a bit. we told him we loved him. That God loved him. I even cried. we asked if he wanted to do the prayer. He didn´t feel good to do it. But then he asked if one of us could do the prayer...and he repeats. After, we talked a bit more and he laughed a bit. The part that hurts the see someone so special that doesn´t understand how special they hurts to see him like this. He doesn’t realize he is a good person with a lot of potential. God loves him. We love him. We told him he could call us when he needs help. 

God continues to bless us. 

Wednesday we were looking for a contact and we contacted a man asking for a direction. (address) He mentioned something about why there are so many we taught lesson 1. We invited him to the FHE at the church and he said he would try to go and if not he would go at least to say hi. 

E__ passed his baptism interview and did the pray with elder chicas!  His wife said on the way home he cried and said that the felt something in the interview. ;) M__ came to the FHE and we gave him a gift to remind him of his potential. When we were leaving, the man we invited came! he told us sorry and that he had just gotten off work but that he had made a commitment with he came. 

God continues to bless us.

thursday. We visited m____. He was happy. We told him that he can´t smoke at all now in order to be baptized 2 de augusto.  (august 2nd) We told him we loved him and that we know he can do it. That we have faith. He agreed to try it. 

God continues to bless us. 

Friday. ¨one cannot begin to explain the joy that comes from serving a mission and helping people change their lives and come to christ. It is not possible. But I can testify that God is helping us in this work. that even in todays time he works miracles. his power is real.´  -journal

Y____ had his interview...he drank coffee so he will get baptized the next week. but that just means we will have a baptism each week! 

Another lesson with m___. Wow. we asked if he had smoked. He said only half of one. he said he felt like he wanted to throw up. I cried. I remember in the preach my gospel videos that happened to a man...we explained that we prayed for him each day and each night...and this was God´s way of helping him to stop smoking. God answered our prayer. He told us he called his mom and told her he was going to our church. He thought she would be mad. She lives in another area. But she cried with joy. She was happy because he was leaving the alcohol and smoking and was in the things of God. 

´I always knew that the church was true. That God works miracles. But now I KNOW that God is a God of miracles...´ 

God continues to bless us.

Saturday.E____ baptism!!! My first family...well we need the other son to get baptized...but the parents ya (already) are baptized!!! The first for my hija also! I love this work! I love my savior who helps me each day!

God continues to bless us. 

Sunday. M___ and F___ came to church.  E___ got the gift of the holy ghost and the aaronic priesthood! Bishop wants him to baptize his other son on saturday!!!

God continues to bless us.

today...we called m___ to check how he is doing. He smoked 1 yesterday. We are hoping he comes tonight to FHE so we can talk to him about that. 

Well tomorrow we will know if i have changes (transfers) or not. I hope not. There are people here that need me. But if God needs me in another area, ´i will go and do what the lord commands´.  

May God bless you all

Hermana Chase

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