Monday, July 14, 2014

Members get to the temple!

Hola!!! How fast time flies..This week I completed 16 months in the mission...I can hardly believe it. We are now in week 5 of 6 weeks...and then I have another 6 weeks and I am home...
So I had another bad experience with my camara. I lent my camara to a member for her daughters bday...when I went back to get it...someone had deleted all the photos I had taken since I bought the new camara...the only difference is this time I didn´t cry. My companion told me she doesn´t know how I did it because I told the member not to worry about it, that it was okay...all calm. My companion was a bit more upset. haha. I told her...bueno...I think there is something God wants me to learn that I didn´t learn the first time. haha.
So we had a hard talk with M___ who plays soccer sometimes instead of going to church. He was taken back a bit...a bit hurt. Because we said he must love God (because he keeps putting soccer first.) Wednesday night he came to the meeting and said...hermanas, I have been thinking a lot of what you said..and it is right. I can´t put soccer first. :) yahoo!!!
We visited a less active joven...S____. We thought at first he was drunk because he was really happy... but it turns out he was happy because he was more involved in church. The bishop gave him a triple and he is leaving with the other young adults to do visits. It was so good to see him happy and involved.
It is funny because our investigator A____ is telling her member friends to be an example to her because it is her that is learning. When a sister walked in adaluz goes, hermana how are you?! I haven´t seen you in a long time....why haven´t you come to church? I have been here every week....haha. she isn´t even a member and is animating the members. I love it. she is about 28 years old.
We visited some converts and the mom was cooking bread. This is one thing I love here. the bread! There is bread simple and bread dulce. She cooked it in like a cement house outside. In 5 minutes the bread was done! She gave us each 2. So good!
So after our district meeting, D___ and A___ had their interview. Derick left the interview, went to his mom and goes...I did it. I heard and so i did the prayer? he said yes. We shouted for joy!!! he never prayed really with us. he always was nervous and laughed. Adaluz...bueno she drank coffee once on she can get baptized any day starting tomorrow :)
So I am having the members sign in my notebook...we don´t know if I will be here my last change...there are only this week and one more and then changes...
So we had problems with E___. The husband of aracelly...some neighbors are saying things and he backed away a bit. I was sad...but we finally found him and he said he will get baptized with his other son on the week later. I was okay with that because at least he will still do it.
So saturday was D____ BAPTISM!!! It was so beautiful! A___ came...and she cried. It was really good. Apparently he told his I am now a member of the church of jesus christ. I felt the spirit...and tears left my eyes. He is so sweet. so innocent.
Sunday was a record! We had 7 at church. N___ who hadn´t come in a long time for the reason of a member showed up! A___ brought her cousin! we had invited him but he left to his moms house. A____ said he came back because we invited him to church! It was great! I know it was a miracle thanks to our fast.
So this week the members left for the temple to honduras. 15 from our ward. 3 families are getting sealed. one whose husband ya  (already) passed away. I am so happy for those who left today.
Bueno...I love this work. We have baptisms for this month. I think about 4 maybe 5. The most I will ever have in one area. I hope president doesn´t change me. We have 2 weeks left and then changes. I know this church is true and I am so grateful for this time I have to share it with others.
Hermana Chase

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