Monday, July 28, 2014

sleep walking companion

(mom’s translations) (I love the last paragraph of this letter.)

Hello! last change...(transfer) 5 weeks left. I can`t believe it. The time goes so fast. 
So I didn`t have changes. (transfers)..I am still in san marcos!!! But my hija (the companion she trained) had changes. She is in my old area en masaya!!! She has talked to some of my converts!!! 

My new companion is Hermana O__ from Honduras. She just turned 19 and has 6 months in the mission. This is her second area. She teaches really well. There is just one problem. I can`t sleep!!! haha. She talks in her sleep every night! She says she only does it when she is tired...but it is every night. The first night she gave me a heart attack. She walked in her sleep. We sleep in a bunk bed..I am on top. well she got up and just stood there facing me. I freaked. Then she climbed back in. When she talks it isn`t like she moves and talks loud. Every night I get freaked out. I am scared of people who sleep walk. SO I have been sleeping with my glasses and the phone in my hand for light. ya...last night she yells, hermana. I knew she was sleeping. But when she yelled hermana again i thought maybe she was awake and needed something. SO I go, si? silence. and then she says, BOO. okay...freaked me out. One hour later. Hermana. are you hard asleep? I don`t know what I am going to do. I can`t sleep at night. I see the hours passing each night. I always tell her its not a big deal. I laugh with her after...but she has no idea the horror in the moment...haha. Also she was in managua where it was hot so she is always we don`t use the fan. I sweat so much in the night plus i have nerves for her sleep talking...i am going to loose weight. haha. 

A member had a dream about me crying..but crying like super hard. he thought that was super weird. I told him to just wait because in 5 weeks his dream will come true haha. 

So the good things...hah

1. E__ who got baptized...prayed with us for the FIRST TIME!!!

2. M___ had lied one day and had smoked and drank for the whole day. He felt bad and decided to never do it again. That he wants to reach his baptism goal. Now he has 1 week without drinking or smoking!!! He says people offer him but he just says no!!!!

3. We found my convert k__. She let us in! When we left she hugged me and told me thank you for coming. ;)

4. F___...he came to church for the first hour! Even though our last lesson with him was a bit hard. He made a comment to my companion that she is hard. harder than my other companion. That hurt my comanion and she cried after the lesson. This is her first change and she is struggling a bit. 

5. There is a guy who is muso (a real flirt) ..his dad was a member...ya muriĆ². (he has passed away already)  he wants to know about the church. Well this time when I went with my new comp he was total muso! (flirty) wanted to know when  I would go back to the states...he lives there. obviously i didn`t tell him.  I said i had a bit more than 1 year here. he wanted to know my name. he said he would go to church if i passed by for him. (came to get him) in his PRAYER he asked that one day I would tell him my name. he even wanted me to write something in his book of mormon. we will see what  happens. I just ignore the comments. and when he refers to me, i respond with comp and i. 

6. so m___...he has read up to 1 nephi 4!!! he goes to our baptisms...and the activities wednesday. he didn`t want to go to sunday but he went!!! his prayers are really good now too!!!! 

7. y___ prayed for the FIRST time with us before his baptism!!! I started to cry. I don`t know why. I think because it is my first family...and to see him progress.. 

8. y___ got baptized!!! my FIRST FAMILY!!! wahoo!!!! It was so great to see them there together!!! 

9. Fe___ is excited for his baptism saturday! He is reading all the assignments we leave!  (they have had a baptism every Saturday in July)

I am so glad for this work. how sad if there aren`t missionaries to share the gospel with these sweet people. I love this work. My heart hurts to know that one day soon I will be leaving it. This is my life. Even though ya (already) part of me wants to be in my old life...the other half of me wants to stay here forever doing this. talking and visiting with these people i love. in the beginning of your mission one thinks it will never come to an here i am. my last 5 weeks...having interviews, pulling out papers to get ready to go Mixed feelings. It is hard. 

I love you all. and appreciate you all. I read something interesting in the liahona. the gospel and the church are 2 things different. we NEED the church to help us LIVE the gospel. one can be active in the church but not in the gospel. may we all evaluate our lives...are we just going to church and all the activities or are we actually LIVING the gospel.

Hermana chase

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