Monday, August 18, 2014

bit of a tough week

( moms attempts at translation)


So I can`t believe I have two weeks left. I am writing early today because I have my LAST interview with president. Last as in...where he talks about after the mission and stuff. Crazy...claro que (of course) on thursday we have interviews as a zone...I imagine he won`t have much to say to me after today. haha. 

So this week was a bit hard. I won`t go into too much detail verdad,( true, as in truthfully I won’t go into much detail)  but here i go. 

We visited K___, my convert. She was with her boyfriend `studying, but i asked if we could at least do a prayer. I convinced her to let us in. She was bien duro...real hard. If that makes sense. In the way she answered and talked. She said even though she hasn`t been going to church she hasn`t forgotten God....blah blah. Anyway...once we left I started to cry. I always cry there. It just hurts so much to see one of your OWN converts act like that. and knowing that in 2 weeks I won`t be here to help her. 

We visited L___. Missionaries have been visiting her since the 90`s. Her husband was a member, but died about 1 year ago. She has she never got an answer. Anyway...I explained in Doctrine and Covenants 6 it explains to think back on the night you prayed...and if you felt peace. companion  macheted her a bit...(took her to task) which was needed. Anyway companion didn`t say a word. So I ended the lesson and we left. My comp started to cry and said that she will never learn to convert the people. That she shared her testimony with lila and she took it like nothing. I had to explain that if the hearts of the people are closed...they wont understand. that if L___ takes it hard it is because it is true. I had to read her some scriptures. 

Then that night the elders did a mean joke. I thought it was funny but my companion no. So they brought us mail. I had 2 and they gave my companion one. She has been waiting for a letter from her family for like 3 weeks so she was excited. But it was from someone in the states. She thought maybe it was for the other hermana ordoƱez. We went into a room and she opened it. It was a paper that said something in was a joke from the elders. When we left to go yell at them...they fled. We went into the bathroom and she cried. poor thing.

I did get a letter from brother davis. Thank you so much brother davis. I was feeling week, and dead. But your letter helped give me the energy I need to push on these 2 weeks. Really, God answered my prayer through your letter. I thank you with all my heart for sending me the story... I know now that even though I might not be here for the baptisms..there are still people I can help bring to Christ. 

We visited A___ and we made tortillas. ;) 

We visited an investigator who doesn`t like to pray. She has passed through A LOT of suffering. She says the few times she prays...she only gives thanks for health and life. That many times she ends up yelling at God. We are trying to think of a way to help her so that she can pray. 

We visited V___. Taught the law of chastity. Looks like she doesn`t want to marry her companion....

we visited a convert who tells us...I have good news! I have been visiting a christian! he says he never really got his answer. That he went to a church like this one when he was a kid and he likes it. We macheted him  (took him to task) and told him to pray. 

F___ was home so we helped them collect beans. ;) FUN. 

M____ drank now she will have to wait until saturday to be baptized. 

We had invited someone we contacted to church. He said if we passed for him (went to get him) he would go. I thought it was a lie. We got there and he was ready! after the two hours he said he had to go...when he was walking to the door, a member said hey welcome, and pulled him into the last class! haha. he stayed. haha. afterwards we asked how it all went. he said he felt satisfied. We asked if he would go the next week. he said yes, so don`t fail me. :)

So V___ didn`t go to church...turns out her husband heard the lesson we taught...when we said she had to get married or leave him. They argued. So of course after my companion cried because she was the one who said that. I told her no that we had to tell her that...she is living in sin and these are the two options to fix it. But that the next time we will talk with her husband. 

We decided to contact houses. Sometimes it is fun. Two houses...the people entered the house and closed the door on us. Funny. One of them I just continued to contact them through the door and then looked through the hole in the door and said good night. haha.

 we also encountered us with a preacher who doesn`t know the bible. Think that God, Christ and the spirit are one person...even though it clearly states that they are different. He says a baptism is only the name of christ, even though in matthew it says the three names. It even got to the point where he wanted us to bring our prophet here to talk to him..even though we told him to pray...

Anyway...what a week. But today we are going to managua for my interview...and we can eat mcdonalds!!! wahoo!!! this week will be great. Better. :) 

Thank you all for your support. This week I learned that I KNOW these things are true. And NOBODY can change that. NOBODY can take that away from me. That is why I am here. People can tell me a bunch of things, but that won`t change what I believe. 

I love you all!

Hermana Chase

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