Monday, August 25, 2014

Good bye interview with President

Dear Family and Friends,

So my heavenly father continues to bless the people of Nicaragua...and by doing so, he blesses my own life. 

This week I had my last interview with say goodbye. They took my is it a license...idk. Anyway, I am not nica now....;( The interview was about 1 1-2 hours long. A ton of questions about my favorite things, the worst things. About my life after the mission...yes marriage. haha. The first thing president told me was, hermana I don`t know why...but  i feel like i need you here more time. He said that like 6 times during the interview...

I was going strong until he said...hermana chase, many missionaries when they get home, they miss the mission. They think it is for their converts, the members, the area....but no. They don`t realize that what they miss is the constant companionship of the holy ghost. So hermana, how can you keep that spiritualness when you get home?...besides the normal answers of pray, read...etc.

I surprised myself and said I didn`t know. and I started to cry...I said, president. That is what I am afraid of. To go home and not feel the same. 

It`s interesting  ending your mission. There are moments where you are happy to go. Others where you don`t want to go. 

President also gave me another medallion that those robbers stole from me. So I  have a reminder still from my mission. That was nice of presidente. 

He also gave me a paper to fill out my testimony to give him the last day. apparently they keep the copy in a binder of all their ´hijos` (children)

So we had divisions with the hermana leaders. I went with my old companion hermana santos to her area. she came here with me, but goes home one change after me. I am the only one from my original group going home. In total...about 14 people going home this change and like 25 new people coming. anyway...i just realized that I am dying normal. there are people that are dying faster than me and still have time here! wow.! haha

So we got m___ dad to sign the paper! so she is going to get baptized this saturday! wahoo!!!! 

We had interviews with president as a zone. The normal interviews.  Hermana russell went to inspect our houses...we got 100 percent clean!!!! she left brownies for us!!! we were up til 12 cleaning!!! Hermana russell when checking the houses found a personal cell phone from a sister who is going home with me...yikes. so you can see that  I am still holding on strong guys. haha

So we are teaching a new joven s___. He is 25. doesn`t go to church but  his mom is catholic. Anyway...we were teaching him and we put a fecha. (baptismal date) his mom happened to come in when we did. She starts saying he is crazy. That if he does, she will be mad. Then looks at us and goes, no offense. you just have to respect other peoples religion.... well..we didn`t say anything mean because we were in her house. But santiago said she had to respect us, that we were going to come by everyday..haha, and then he asked us if next time we could teach in another house...we said of course!!!! he really wants to know more. 

Our other investigator v___...we had a good lesson. she said she can see the change in herself. That she feels God is closer to her. That she feels something good when she prays, that makes her want to thank god. That she never has felt that in any other church. I almost cried. It is moments like this that make the 18 months worth it. 

We found j__  and we macheted him with love. He said he wasn`t going to church because sometimes they call him to work. we said test God, and tell them no. a bunch of stuff... it was a good lesson. he said he wants to get baptized but because he hasn`t been going to church,. no. 

sunday...miracle. J___ showed up!!! he said they called him to work but he said no! And two others came!!!! tomorrow we are going to get permission from j___`mom and he also will get baptized saturday!  

it was a good week! lots of miracles!!! 

`at all times, accept His will. be ready to go where he asks you to go and to do what he asks you to do. become the men and women he is nurturing you to become´ 

quote from bishop gerald caussè

i love you all!!!! wish me luck this week! pray for these 2 jovenes so that everything goes good so they can get baptized this week!!!

Hermana CHase

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