Tuesday, August 12, 2014

great investigators and another baptism!

(moms attempts at translation)


How many times do we want to see the rainbow before we give thanks for the rain? -Dieter F. Uchtdorf

So our investigator V____ told us that the day we found her in the park was the same day that she had prayed to know which church she should go to. Then she hadn’t planned on going to church...but there she was. We explained that the Lord knows everything and that it wasn’t a coincidence. 

Our investigator P_____...went to the hospital...she is about to have her baby...so that kinda slows things down for now. But she likes the church and everything. 

S_____ is a less active joven..he has long hair and always puts oil in it to be plastered to his face, and uses a hat. we went prepared to tell him to cut his hair...we got there and our jaws dropped. he cut his hair! and wow!!! The next day we found him leaving his house to leave with the elders!!! we are so happy!!!

Wednesday during the fhe we had the interview for M_____. HE PASSED!!! also...I got to talk to a joven from la concha who leaves in oct to go on a mission to guatemala. 

Friday we had our district meeting in la concha...funny story. we took a BIG bus. When it stopped for us to get off, I got off first. Then my comp. Well when I looked back...BOOM. she fell. Instead of walking down the steps of the bus she went to go directly from the bus to the curb...and her skirt didn’t let her. so splat. she fell. the elders came up behind us...and i knelt down by her. she just kept saying...que pena...que pena.. (what a shame...being embarrased) i go, hermana, its part of the mission. everything passes in the mission. haha. one elder goes, y aye hermana...did you not have your glasses on? haha. 

So v____...we had invited her to pray about joseph smith. The next visit we got there and she asks if we can come back another day.  We ask why. she says she didn’t pray. We were happy that she was so honest. most people don’t even remember to pray. So we came back the next day. She prayed. She said she still doesn’t know the answer. but she said it was a good experience. That she cried. I know that she felt the spirit when she prayed. 

Saturday we had a BAPTISM of R____ !!!. I was waiting forever for this day!!! He stopped smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee. Stanley baptized him. Afterward he thanked us. haha. He is so sweet! I hope now he can perseverar hasta el fin (endure to the end) so he can have eternal life. He also got to talk to hermana eusebio on the phone.

Well...the lord continues to  bless me here in this work. I have 3 weeks left. crazy. It is weird to think that one day i wont be doing this. But i am glad i still have 3 weeks left to  help and visit people. 

I hope you are all doing well. sorry my letters are getting shorter.  I guess I just think I will be home soon to tell you in person. haha

hermana chase

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