Tuesday, August 5, 2014

most baptisms in july!

 (moms translations)

Dear Family and Friends,
So this week was a bit stressful, a bit tiring. Here I go..HAHA.

1. So we visited an investigator who is muso. (flirty)  He hadn`t read the Book of Mormon, so I got serious and took out the machete. ( got serious) At one point he took out his phone and my comp told him she would wait until he was paying attention and looking at her. he goes, `mejor voy a mirar a la hna chase.`  (better, I;m going to look at sister chase)  aye yay yay. Then when I got upset he goes, `why are you upset? you are too pretty to be upset...`    

2. My first convert from la concha m___, called me. She is struggling and called me to talk to me. I felt so special that she called ME of all people to help her. I don`t think she is as close to the other sisters there. 

3. We helped a___ go to jinotepe to see if she had previously been married or not. And then we took a bus to diriamba because our hermana leader was with a mini missionary and they were going to stay the night with us. when we got there they told us that the elders just called and changed their minds....so we just got back on the bus haha, but the mini missionary was DULCE!  (sweet) she is a joven i (young adult) in masaya that helped us a bit. she has her mission call and leaves in october i think. It was so good to see her! 

4. We stopped by k____ house, my convert and her sister M___ was home. She motions me to come closer and whispers in my ear...`i want to get baptized the 19th.`  WOW!!! she has gone to church like a million times but never was interested. The only thing is that we have to get permission from her dad. 

5. So A___ was not married so we quickly did the plans for their wedding and baptism of F____. 

6. In our zone meeting, presidente has raised the goals. we now have to teach 7 lessons with investigators each day, contact 24 people, 4 lessons with converts and less actives, and have 6 people at church. wow. Also our ZL congratulated me and my comp for baptizing the most people in our zone in the month of july! wahoo!!! haha. hermana santos shared the scripture in mark 5:23...cualquier cosa donde ponga las manos jesus vivira. ( whatever things Christ touches, or lays His hands on, lives) 
y en agosto jesus pondra sus manos en zona carazo (and in august Christ will lay his hands on, or touch, the carazo zone)

7. friday night we were planning and we heard as if someone was on the roof breaking in. a member had told us that 3 houses had already been robbed. So we slept with the lights on. at 5 in the morning we heard it again. 

8. saturday we cleaned the church and got everything ready in the morning. We went with a____ to look for a cake for her wedding...we ended up paying for it. The bishops wife also did her hair and makeup cuz she has a salon. So everybody got to the wedding on time. at 7pm...and the abogado... (justice of the peace) got there at 8:15!!! By the time we had the wedding, and the baptism we finished at 9:30 at night. wow...we were so dead tired. That night we heard people above our house again...i didn`t sleep. 

9. Sunday we were dead tired...I haven`t slept good at all this change. But the good news is that we had investigators at church! miguel came! his baptism is for this saturday! he just needs an interview. After lunch we rested our heads....the hermana asks us if we want to use her bed for 30  min to rest. we thanked her but told her we were okay. she told us that she could tell we were tired. haha. Then we had a fhe with a___ and f___...about 20 people from the ward showed up. Then we had hermano r___and hermana p___ come with us to our house to check it. He said there was nothing cutting on the roof. that everything was okay. so i think we are just going crazy and hearing things. That night I slept with the fan and slept in peace. The first time in a long time. 

10. today we went to my old area and i visited two converts. It was great to see them. I almost cried. I surprised myself. Fr___ gave us two avocados and a watermelon. and gave us arroz con leche.  (rice with milk)  haha. then v____ fed us lunch. wow we were so full! 

I am loving my last weeks here...there is a bit more drama and a bit more stress..and so part of me wants to go to leave the stress..but the other part of me doesn`t want to leave these wonderful people. I am excited for the baptism of miguel that we will have. he is special for me. I love you all! and hope you all help the missionaries...even if you just give them food or a drink. haha. ;)  

Hermana Chase

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