Tuesday, September 2, 2014

last letter from the mission field

( moms translations)

Dear Family and Friends,

Well...here is my last letter here in the mission field. My last stories I will tell you.

So, one day we were walking normal...and a motorcycle passed by us. And you heard this big SMACK and I felt pain. The guys on the motorcycle as they passed by smacked my butt but super hard...obviously...on a moto (motorcycle) there is more force. My comp thought they hit my arm that is how loud the sound was. Ya...

So we worked so hard with J___ so he could get baptized this saturday. We waited until 7 pm in the pouring rain while the elders talked to his mom. When they got the ok.  they did the interview right then and there. It was a crazy night. We then were walking home and a guy offered us a ride. When the elder opened the door he realized he was drunk. that would have been a disaster. haha. 

So i celebrated my last birthday here. I showered and everything. I straightened my hair. Then at 11:30 the elders come over...they give me chocolate and one of them goes, hermana what does it say there? when i looked down to read it, SPLAT! he cracked an egg on my head. Then when i put my head down to take out the egg...SPLAT the other elder cracked one on my head. Then they gave one to hermana ordoƱez but i thought , no she won`t. She slowly came and SPLAT...a third egg. My lovely ZL got it all on video. haha. (cracking eggs on people’s head is a birthday tradition in Nicaragua...along with something else you will read about in a minute)

So then I had to shower again. haha. We then worked hard to complete the goals because at 7 we had a Family Home Evening. We stopped by M_____ who was always completing a bday..(making sure birthdays are complete) .she gave us pizza. also hermana S_______ where we eat lunch completes on this day too. 

We visited hermana R____...who dumped baby powder on me for my bday. haha. she enjoyed that. (another tradition)

Then at the FHE Y____ gave me a powerpoint he made for  me. I also got, lotion, a jewelry box, chocolate. Some members wanted to take me out to pizza but we had made plans ya  (already) with another family. 

After the FHE they wanted to take a foto  (not a misspelling. This is how you say it, write it in spanish) with me outside. When they were taking the photo SPLAT. egg number 4. haha. From there we went to R____'s house. We took fotos, they gave us dinner. And then R_____ gave me a gift. A book of poems in spanish! Then they said they had a surprise for me. We go outside and SPLAT SPLAT....2 more eggs! haha. 6 in total! 

That night of my bday after my comp was sleeping...I started to cry. I just felt so sad....I didn`t want to go home. I feel more closer to these people and am so used to this life more than my old life. I don`t even remember my life before. 

During our weekly planning, tambien  (also) i cried. 

In our last reunion as a zone, I had to share my testimony...also I cried. 

This week we put two fechas (baptismal dates) with 2 families. We had contacted one of the families about a week ago. We had decided to look for the house. God directed us exactly to his house. And we put fecha. (baptismal date)

So saturday we found J______...he wasn`t going to get baptized. So we took fotos with him, and then we wanted him to do the prayer for the last time. He didn`t want to. he had earrings! after 10 min he said i hope you forgive me one day but i am not going to do it...and left. he told us he wanted to get baptized but without his moms help...no. we were heartbroken. 

so we went to M_____`s BAPTISM! I was so happy I got to see her baptism.!!! :) in the fotos we dont look as happy for what happened with J_____..but i cried. knowing that this was my last baptism in the mission. Ya its real that my work is coming to an end. 

So sunday I gave a talk. I used alma 26. I cried of course. haha. I talked with R_____`s grandma and she told me R_____'s brother M_____ is sad that i am leaving. when i was giving my talk he asked, is she leaving? and the grandma replied, yes, to her country. are you going to go with her? he said, i am going to think about it. haha. he is 6 years old but always gives me the longest hugs, and is so sweet. 

So last night i started packing to  have time to sleep my last night. I don`t want to be up forever packing. It is crazy. 

So...this week has been a week of trials. I haven`t even told you the minimum of trials i had this week. to a point that I really wanted to go home. But even though i have passed through these trials, my heart is heavy and sad to leave. Yes, i want to rest. but  i don`t want to leave this work. 

Of all the blessings I have received...the best blessing is the time God gave me to serve a mission. 

Hermana Chase 

(Kaitlin comes home Thursday night and we are so very excited to have her home. Thank you all for reading her letters and journeying with us to Nicaragua. We know that your thoughts and prayers have been a help to her and to us.)